5 Cheap Places to Travel in Summer Europe With Family

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Cheap Places to Travel in Summer Europe – Europe is a highly popular continent for tourism. This is certainly due to the many things that can be seen, from natural beauty to buildings, and most notably, the four seasons it has. One popular season there is summer, for those who want to vacation in Europe during the summer, here are the summer destinations we recommend.

Recommendations for Cheap Places to Travel in Summer Europe

Rhode, Yunani

Rhodes, Greece is a popular city for summer vacation in Europe. It is also well-known for its vibrant nightlife and beautiful beaches. The food in this place is unique and delicious, so make sure not to miss it.

Moreover, exploring the surrounding areas is highly recommended. You can travel around the city by walking, cycling, or using a scooter. Remember, besides the beaches, nightlife, and food, Rhodes, Greece is a city with a rich culture.

You will definitely enjoy your summer vacation in this European destination.

Cheap Places to Travel in Summer Europe – Santorini, Yunani

Still in Greece, specifically in Santorini, which is also a popular summer destination in Europe known for its beautiful beaches and atmosphere. For some reason, all the photos taken in Santorini always come out stunning and Instagram-worthy.

From morning to evening, there are plenty of things to capture in this area. One of the most attractive natural features is the beautiful sunset. For those who love to capture moments on Instagram, the Santorini sunset will be a highlight of your vacation posts.

That’s why a day trip to this European summer destination won’t be enough for you. We recommend staying in Santorini for a while because the culture there is also fascinating to explore.

Moreover, we also recommend visiting Rhodes and Santorini together for a complete summer vacation in Greece.

Ghent, Belgia

The next best summer destination in Europe that you can visit is Ghent. Ghent may not be a very popular tourist city in Indonesia, but it turns out that it is one of the best places to enjoy a summer vacation in Europe.

Because it is not very visible in the tourism world, Ghent, Belgium is even often referred to as a hidden gem. The main beauty of Ghent lies in its buildings and culture.

In addition, at night you can also enjoy the beauty of the nightlife in the city. This is what makes this place one of the recommended destinations for your summer vacation.

London, Inggris

Who wouldn’t want to visit England? For first-time international travelers, England can be one of the recommended summer vacation destinations that is very appealing.

The city offers its own beauty and is a popular tourist destination. Perhaps because of its culture and many interesting things to do and see there. For those who love traveling, make sure to visit the city once in your lifetime.

The beauty of the city and other interesting things make England even unofficially referred to as the capital of Europe. This is because it is a classic destination that has everything you need from natural beauty, various tourist activities, and interesting travel experiences.

Cheap Places to Travel in Summer Europe – Rotterdam, Belanda

Next summer destination that you can visit is Rotterdam in the Netherlands. Rotterdam is one of the cities that is popular for its art, architecture, and lifestyle beauty. It is a city that will provide you with excitement while spending your summer vacation here. For those of you who plan to come here, you can enjoy the beauty of Rotterdam even at night. When night falls, Rotterdam has a beautiful appearance, some even say it’s like an open gallery.

Those are some summer destinations in Europe that you can visit for an unforgettable vacation. Each destination has its own beauty and uniqueness that you can enjoy.

Remember to always maintain hygiene, health, and safety during your vacation. Hopefully this article can help you choose a summer destination that suits your desires and budget. Have a great summer vacation!