6 Places for Romantic Holiday in Bali

 Romantic Holiday in Bali – There’s absolutely nothing wrong with planning a vacation with your couple. Moreover, in Bali there are various interesting tourist attractions that will make your date with him even more memorable. You can find many tourist attractions in Bali that are suitable for dating, of course the place is also very beautiful and romantic.

But of course before going on vacation you must prepare a careful plan and sufficient budget. Considering that you went with your boyfriend, of course you also want to buy something for him, right?

Romantic Holiday in Bali

Romantic Holiday in Bali

So, where are the romantic tourist spots that can be used as a Holiday in Bali? BaliHow.com has compiled several locations that have a romantic atmosphere and are suitable as a destination for couples. Let see!

1. Melasti Beach

Melasti Beach – Romantic Holiday in Bali

The first spot for romantic holiday in bali is Melasti Beach. This place is located in the Ungasan area and is one of the favorite beaches for dating. This place has clean white sand with views of high cliffs which makes it a subscription for pre-wedding photos.

The interesting thing that you can get from this beach is to relax and enjoy the scenery through viewing posts scattered in several parts of the beach. Usually the tourists will come here when the sun is almost setting.

Because, of course, the air is more friendly and cool. Plus, the sunset view makes the atmosphere more romantic and beautiful at Melasti Beach.

2. Gunung Payung Beach

Gunung Payung Beach – Romantic Holiday in Bali

The next tourist spot in Bali that is suitable for dating and you can visit is none other than Gunung Payung Beach. This beach is still very natural and not visited by many tourists, so it is quite quiet and can make the holiday more relaxing. You can spend quality time on this beach in peace with your girlfriend.

The location is in Kutuh Village, South Kuta. To come to the beach you have to pass 300 steps first. Then don’t forget to prepare food and drink supplies because here there is still no place to eat and the like.

3. Temukus Village

Temukus Village – Romantic Holiday in Bali

If you are bored to the beach area, then Temukus Village can be an alternative. Because this place presents a very beautiful marigold or gemintir flower field. The location itself is in Buleleng Regency.

This gemintir flower is often associated with the sun, thus making it very important for Balinese people. Then, there is also a flower bed of Kasna which has a beautiful white color.

You can enjoy the beauty of these flowers while taking some photos with your partner and make it a very memorable moment.

4. The Secret Garden Village

The Secret Garden Village – Romantic Holiday in Bali

Here you can not only relax, but also increase your knowledge. Tourist attractions in Mekarsari Village, Baturiti District, Tabanan Regency, Bali present many interesting things to tourists.

You can do many things from shopping, drinking coffee, eating, to seeing the process of making soap, cosmetics, and the like. You can enjoy a romantic date with your girlfriend at The Secret Garden Village.

Moreover, here there are also various photo spots that you can take advantage of. This instagramable tour is very interesting and provides fun as well as insight for visitors.

5. Jimbaran Beach

Want to get to know your boyfriend better and learn a few things about his life? You can take him to Jimbaran Beach which is very beautiful and romantic, especially at night.

There are many tables, chairs and candles that make the romantic atmosphere in this place even more pronounced. Having a long chat with him will be very pleasant. Moreover, in this place the processed food is very delicious. This can improve the mood for both of you.

6. Mende Hills

Mende Hills – Romantic Holiday in Bali

One of the alternative interesting tourist attractions in Bali that you can visit with your girlfriend is Mende Hill. This is suitable for those of you who like to hike with a partner. It is located in the Kintamani area and of course this climb is still quite quiet and has beautiful views that you should not miss.

Along the path with a slope of 60 degrees, you can enjoy the beautiful views of the beautiful green hills. Then take photos in this area famous for its coolness. The climbing terrain on Mende Hill is quite light, especially for those of you who are used to climbing heavy terrain.

Remember to prepare well if you really want to come, especially if you are still a beginner in the world of climbing. Dating with boyfriend becomes anti-mainstream by visiting Mende Hill.

Actually, you don’t have to go far for dating yourself, but if you do it occasionally, it’s certainly not a big problem. You can unwind by coming to a vacation spot in Bali that is suitable for dating above and getting closer to your partner. So, where are you interested in?

If you are interested in visiting the right place for a romantic holiday in Bali above, You can visit Bali Tour agency for more information.