7 Hidden Shopping Place Where You Can Get Cheap Price in Bali

 Balihow.com – Shopping is one of the mandatory agendas that tourists generally do when traveling to Bali. The famous shopping place is the Kuta Art Market or the galleries along Jalan Raya Seminyak. Or also at gift shops like Krisna and Jogger.

But actually, if you want to put in more effort, there is a typical Balinese souvenir center that costs much cheaper than those priced on the market.

Hidden Shopping Place Where You Can Get Cheap Price

Cheap Shopping Place in Bali

Well this time Balihow.com will tell you, cheap shopping places in Bali that maybe not many people know about! Curious where the hell is, let’s check below.

1. Beng Village, famous for Barong T-shirts

Going to Bali, not buying a barong shirt, it feels like something is missing. Because, the most important thing of course besides visiting the beach is buying barong shirts for souvenirs.

The price of a barong shirt in a typical Balinese souvenir gallery or art market is generally around Rp. 30 thousand. Even at the airport sold for Rp 70 thousand.

If you want to get a much cheaper price, come to Beng Village, Gianyar Regency. The location is not far from the Gianyar Regent’s office and is still included in the city area. The travel time is only 50 minutes from Kuta.

In Beng Village, you can get barong shirt prices from IDR 9 thousand to IDR 15 thousand, depending on the size. Interesting, right?

2. Jalan Nangka milk pie factory

Well, if this one food is sure to be the most favorite tentengan after coming from Bali. The reason is, besides being delicious, it is easy to carry and the price is cheap. The price of milk pie per 10 pcs at the art market or gift shop is generally priced from Rp. 23 thousand.

If you want to get a much cheaper one, come to Jalan Nangka Denpasar. Along the road, there are production houses of the most famous pie milk brands, such as Pie Susu Dhian and Pie Susu Enak.

The price is around IDR 35 thousand per 25 pcs. In fact, you can buy units, which are IDR 1,500 per seed for the Dhian Milk Pie and IDR 3,000 for the Delicious Milk Pie.

3. Ceking knick-knacks center

Not far from Ubud, about 30 minutes to the Tegalalang Tourism Village, there is an area for the association of wood craftsmen. There were opened many galleries. Almost every house has a shop.

Stop by one of them and try to buy. The price is really very cheap. For wall or table displays, the price starts at IDR 3,000 and the most expensive is IDR 150 thousand.

People in Ceking usually deposit their products to the Kuta or Seminyak art markets. When it arrived at the art market, the price immediately went up almost 10 times. 

4. Bali Banana

This one food looks like an artist cake. However, it really tastes a lot better and is very cheap. A large box of Bali Banan is only priced at IDR 35 thousand.

The taste is legit, there is a mixture of melted chocolate, and the banana flavor really dominates. Bali Banana can be found at Gate 6 Ngurah Rai International Airport Bali. Time to buy it if you happen to be in Bali.

5. Sukawati Market

This market is already famous in Bali. The location is in Gianyar, but not too far from Denpasar. Sukawati Market sells various kinds of crafts, bags, and clothes. The price is relatively cheap.

Fortunately, tourists can bargain prices here. A tip for bidding is to ask for a price half times less than the price offered. If the seller doesn’t want to, you can act leaving them.

6. Coffee Artist (Seniman Cofee)

At Seniman Coffee, located in Ubud, you can buy various types of coffee. Not only from Bali, but this coffee is obtained from all over Indonesia. The price varies, starting from Rp. 80 thousand.

7. Bali Pulina

Well, this one is specifically for Balinese coffee. The location is in Buleleng, North Bali. Here you can buy civet coffee at a very low price. You can also learn directly how to process copies. It’s fun, really.

These cheap shopping places in Bali will make your vacation more economical and fun. Don’t forget to stop by to buy Balinese souvenirs!