8 Bali Spa Not To be Missed

 Bali Spa – Anyone would admit that Bali is a paradise on earth. Because the nature and culture on offer managed to amaze many tourists. Including his spa tour. Even the Balinese spa has been recognized as one of the best spas in the world.

Here are eight spas in Bali that can be a reference for your vacation to the Island of the Gods. Don’t miss it.

8 Bali Spa Not To be Missed

Bali Spa

1. Ayana Resort and Spa

Ayana Resort and Spa Bali, which is located at Jalan Karang Mas Sejahtera, Jimbaran, offers a complete spa experience. First, the ‘thalassotherapy center’ is home to the world’s largest seawater pool, complete with jets and a comfortable corner for toning and relaxation exercises.

Second, it has the most amazing place to massage; literally nestled on a rock at the base of a towering limestone cliff, with the waves of the Indian Ocean. An amazing experience that you can enjoy.

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2. Maya Ubud Spa

Located in the cool highlands of Ubud, Maya Ubud prides itself on its two separate spa complexes, with its riverside spa a real standout feature. You can stroll along the wooden riverside boardwalk to the treatment pavilion, where you can enjoy the sounds of nature and the Petanu River.

You can opt for the ultimate spa experience like the two-hour River Breeze which includes a massage, body mask and refreshing earl gray body lotion. Some packages include herbal and flower baths in copper tubs, with semi-open air overlooking secluded forests and rivers for you to enjoy as well.

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3. Fivelements, Puri Ahimsa

Fivelements, which is located at Banjar Baturning, Mambal, Abiansemal, Badung, is one of the best yoga retreats and health centers in Bali.

Options include Balinese-inspired treatments such as a traditional ‘boreh’ scrub using local herbs, and a two-hour chocolate treatment that includes antioxidant cocoa chocolate scrubs, warm chocolate wrap and a chocolate butter massage.

The treatment begins with a floral footbath and ends with a selection of herbal teas as you relax by the river.

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4. The Viceroy Spa Bali

This beautiful spa is located above the northern valley of Ubud’s Petanu River, located at Jalan Lanyah, Br Nagi, Ubud. It offers treatments starting from half an hour and up to 2.5 hours full of experience.

Treatments include full massages, steam baths, along with exfoliating scrubs and massage cycles using essential oils. The best view that you can enjoy while calming your mind.

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5. Mango Tree Spa by L’Occitane

This unique spa which is located in Kedewatan, Ubud has six exclusive treatment rooms that are uniquely designed in the style of a bamboo tree house, but full of luxurious facilities dedicated to spa treatments.

Overlooking the valley and surrounded by lush forests and a canopy of mango trees, making them the only ‘nest spa’ of their kind on the island. In addition, the carefully designed steam room offers an experience like no other. The treatment is given using L’Occitane’s signature mango oil.

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6. Prana Spa Bali

Address at Jalan Kunti, Seminyak. Perhaps this Prana Spa is the only large spa facility in Bali that has a design with Indian and Middle Eastern architecture. Even Prana Spa Bali won a world class award as The Luxury Ayurveda Spa.

Prime satisfaction surrounded by luxury, perfectly designed or customized treatment options you want can be found in this place.

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7. Taman Air Spa Bali

If you want to find peace, then Taman Air Spa Bali which is located at Jalan Sunset Road Number 88 Kuta, this can be the right choice. While you’re here prepare to be mesmerized inside the charming and rejuvenating spa.

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8. Permata Ayung Private Estate Spa

Permata Ayung Private Estate Spa is a spa place designed by a famous bamboo architect. Its address is Banjar Tohpati, Bongkasa Village, Abiansemal, Bongkasa, Abiansenmal, Badung.

This place can only accommodate up to 25 guests. Make sure you make a reservation well in advance to get treatment here.

The uniqueness that you can get is the massage bed that is used hanging above the surface of the river flow.

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Curious as to what it’s like to have a spa in Bali? Just try the recommendations of eight Spa recommendations in Bali above!