8 Exciting Bali Adventure Tours You Should Try

Bali Adventure Tours

 BaliHow – Natural adventure tourism or adventure on the Pulau Dewata (island of the Gods) Bali is a choice of attractions that is in great demand by tourists, not only available for adults, even children really like adventure while on vacation on the island of the gods.

This choice of adventure tourism certainly provides and offers a different and challenging sensation when you enjoy a recreation, even some adventures to fill family vacation activities, especially for children.

As we know, many interesting things are served in Bali, the beautiful natural panorama stretching from the coastal area, the expanse of green rice fields and the natural beauty of the mountains and lakes, can hypnotize tourists to last longer.

Bali Adventure Tours

Likewise, many new tourist attractions have sprung up that are packaged so well, so that there is always something new and not boring, you can also pack your tour packages easily by enjoying the various types of adventure recreation on offer.

Adventure tourism in Bali starts with light adventures for children to challenging recreation that requires big guts and sometimes requires stamina and physical support. Adventure recreation is certainly not in demand by everyone, everything will start from a hobby, want a different sensation and also because they want to try new challenges and experiences while on vacation on the island of the Gods, Bali.

Adventure tourism or natural adventures with family, especially children, will certainly provide valuable experiences for them, will give them a new story in their memories of life, so of course you can choose several choices of adventure or adventure tourism in Bali that you can choose according to your tastes and needs.

1. Canyoning Bali

If you are looking for holiday activities in Bali with a sensation of adventure, Canyoning Bali can be the right choice. A company that offers travel and adventure in Bali. Of course with guidance from professionals.

You can explore nature and adventure with Canyoning Bali. Enjoy the thrill of adventure in nature. Gitgit, Sambangan, and Wanagiri are some suitable places to get an adventurous experience in nature.

For more complete information, you can directly visit the site, canyoningbali.id.

2. Rafting In Bali

Wisata adventure across beautiful rivers in Bali is certainly a very fun adventure. In addition to being able to feel the challenge of rafting, of course, the beautiful natural scenery around it can be a therapy for your mind from feeling bored and stuffy. There are a number of popular places of interest for rafting.

The rafting recreation areas include the Ayung river Ubud which presents beautiful natural scenery such as waterfalls, Ramayana reliefs on river cliffs and beautiful villas on the edge of the cliff, while the Telaga Waja river in Karangasem has clear, swift and more challenging water flow. views of rice fields and beautiful views of the towering Mount Agung.

The last rafting recreation area is the Melangit river as a rafting place in the Klungkung district. The rafting area in Melangit is quite special. You can find various adventure activities for families and children here, such as elephant rides and ATV rides.

3. Watersport

Tanjung Benoa beach area is located in the village of Benoa, South Kuta, Badung. Included in the South Bali tourism area, this is indeed the most popular watersports recreation destination on the island of the Gods, Bali, the beaches are beautiful with white sand, sloping and almost without waves, so it is indeed the most ideal place for marine tourism activities.

In the Tanjung Benoa beach area, adventure tourism attractions are provided for children and families at quite cheap prices such as banana boats, snorkeling, seawalkers and by boat or glass bottom boat sailing to Turtle Island.

Meanwhile, a number of adventure tours for adults such as jet skis, diving and new underwater scooter games to enjoy underwater adventures or adventures. Flying above sea level can stimulate your adrenaline, you can try flying fish, parasailing and new flyboard tours. Holidays on the island of Bali and a tour towards South Bali tourism, the Tanjung Benoa tourist attraction becomes a mandatory destination.

4. Odyssey Submarine Bali

This adventure tourism, being an underwater adventure or adventure attraction is very interesting, its location on the beach of Labuhan Amuk Karangasem, or in the East Bali tourism area, this recreation is the only one in Indonesia that uses a submarine and dives with a depth of 35 meters to several meters in the sea. on the seabed.

Recreation or adventure nature tourism with the Odyssey Submarine submarine in Karangasem is a unique and sensational recreation on the island of the Gods Bali, so you can’t just miss it. The submarine is specially designed with safety and comfort so that this attraction is indeed suitable for filling a family vacation, both for children and even babies to adults.

In the room of the Odyssey Submarine, with a capacity of 36 passengers, the atmosphere is comfortable and air-conditioned, the room is bright enough so that the children are comfortable. Using the power from the battery and equipped with equipment to be able to float automatically in certain situations.

5. Bike Tour

Cycling tour in Bali Adventures to enjoy the beautiful nature of the mountains, along rural roads that are rarely visited by tourists, will certainly provide a quite interesting new vacation and tourism experience. This adventure tour is known as a cycling tour, which is widely offered to explore the mountainous and rural nature of the Ubud Gianyar area.

This trip or adventure will start at 10.00 WITA from the village of Penelokan Kintamani (Bangli), from the edge of the Mount Batur caldera starting with warm tea, then the road descends through the still beautiful countryside for 4 hours, with a distance of about 40 meters and this adventure ended up in the village of Pejeng Tampaksiring,

Adventure tourism or this adventure can be for families, namely children and adults. The selected track is far from the crowds, and less traffic, crossing rural areas with local residents’ activities, so it will provide a new experience for you. This bicycle ride is popular in the Ubud tourism area.

6. Mount Agung Hiking

Guide to climbing to Mount Agung Adventure tourism climbing or trekking in Bali with a more challenging journey is climbing Mount Agung, a mountain which has a height of 3,142 meters above sea level offering a very interesting climbing sensation, making it the most popular choice of tourists in Bali.

Mount Agung has two peaks for climbing purposes. For those who are beginners, it’s a good idea to try peak 2 first with a height of up to 2,000 meters above sea level. If you want more challenges, you can go to the top 1 with a height of 3,142 meters above sea level. The climb is expected to reach the top at around 06.00 WITA, so that from the peak you can enjoy the beauty of the sunrise.

The climbing adventure starts from the Pasar Agung temple, to climb to the highest peak it takes about 6 hours to go up, while to get to the second peak it takes about 4 hours to travel. A fit stamina is very much needed in this climbing adventure, during the climb you will be accompanied by an experienced guide or guide.

7. Elephant Ride In Taro

Elephant Riding Tour in Taro Ubud This adventure tour or natural adventure does provide a fun and interesting sensation, especially when filling out family vacation activities, namely for your children, riding large, tame animals with experienced handlers at Elephant Safari Park Taro. will engrave beautiful memories in your holiday event on the island of the Gods Bali.

Elephant Safari Park Taro Ubud does provide an appropriate choice of tour that you can enjoy. In this area, apart from being invited to ride an elephant for 30 minutes, you will also witness the cleverness of elephants in drawing, playing ball and even playing basketball, it’s quite exciting isn’t it.

Adventure at Elephant Safari Park Taro Ubud, you can discover new things about elephants, not only their intelligence, but also enjoy watching the natural beauty of their surroundings that are preserved, including selfie photos with elephants and their eating. Making holiday activities and tours with family and children, Taro Ubu Elephant Safari Park is the ideal choice.

8. Camel Ride

Camel Riding at Bali Camel Safari This camel riding safari is packaged by Bali Camel Safari, an animal that is intentionally imported from outside to meet the needs of tourists to feel the sensation of adventure tourism riding a camel, and you can enjoy it on Sawangan beach, Nusa Dua tourism area, South Kuta , Badung, precisely behind the Hilton Bali Resort Hotel.

You are invited to ride a camel along the beach for 30 minutes or 60 minutes according to the package you want. Sawangan Beach Nusa Dua itself, a beach tourist attraction on the island of the Gods Bali which offers beautiful views of white sand beaches that are calm and deserted by visitors, the beach water is also clear.

Camel riding adventure is ideal to fill family vacation activities, not only for adults but this adventure tour is also for children. The camels on Sawangan beach are not only for adventure tourism needs, but are often rented by those who will take pre-wedding photos. Another camel ride adventure in Bali, you can check at Kelan beach near Jimbaran with Bali Camel Adventure.

9. Watch Dolphins in Lovina

Dolphins on Lovina beach This adventure tour is indeed quite exciting, fishing boats carrying tourists seem to be competing to be number one to witness the existence of dolphins that jump beautifully in the middle of the sea at Lovina beach, Buleleng district or North Bali tourism area.

Dolphins or dolphins only appear in the morning, start taking the boat at around 06.00 WITA then go on an adventure to find the usual place where the dolphin appears. Dolphin attractions in the wild are not new, but for those who are the first to witness these mammals in the wild, it will provide a new and interesting experience.

Moreover, the beautiful nature that is served by the Lovina beach tourism area is complete with the beauty of the sunrise. Children and adults really like this dolphin attraction, so it is ideal for filling family vacation activities. Tickets to watch or rent a dolphin boat are also quite cheap and affordable.

Other Adventure Tours

Thus a number of Bali Adventure Activities that exist so that they can complete your tour agenda while on vacation on the island of the Gods, Bali.

The development of tourism in Bali has given rise to new ideas for tourism actors to introduce a number of other adventure tours, such as river tubing recreation, ATV rides, canyoing, motor crosses, riding electric scooters, swimming with sharks and many more.