Bantimurung Bulusaraung National Park, The Land Of Butterflies

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If you are looking for a place filled with natural environment, then there is no better traveling destination other than National Park.
There are a lot of national parks spread around Indonesia, of course each of them not only stands as tourist attractions but also a place of conservation for a certain species, be it animals or plants.
In Sulawesi, Indonesia, lies a national park that is used as a conservation place for thousands of rare species of butterflies, insects and birds.
The name of the place is Bantimurung Bulusaurang, this place is famous for its vast amount of butterflies flying around the place, the beautiful color reflected by the wings of the butterflies are sure to captivate your eyes.
Some people said that the name Bantimurung is derived from Banting Murung which translated as “Smashing your sadness” which means it can become a place to relieve the mind from stressful daily activities and gloomy mind. 
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Located around 20KM of Hasanuddin Airport, there are two choices for you to reach there, first is by using personal vehicle, second by public transportation which called pete pete. Both of them will lead you to the place in around 30 minutes.
Since this place is around 43,750He wide, hence this place is divided into three ecosystems, first is karst ecosystems, second is lowland forest ecosystems  and lower mountain forest ecosystems.
In the national park itself you can see a lot of butterflies flying around even though it is not as many as those days in the past.
If you want to see rarer species then it is a good idea to visit the Butterfly Conservation Captivity, inside there you can find a lot of rare species of butterflies without having to run around the wide-open area.
There are also butterfly museums too, which consists of…butterflies.
In the butterfly center, you can see a beautiful waterfall known as Bantimurung waterfall, the sound of falling water as well as the refreshing atmosphere decorated by beautiful butterfly flying around will surely make you forget about your stress. In holiday this place could get extremely crowded.

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