Bintan Island, The Icon of Riau

Riau island is located in western Indonesia. There are a lot of island in this province. Those island keeps its beautiful nature. Riau has become the list on the travelers to-arrive to in their vacation. The most popular is Bintan island. A lot of uniqueness and beauty in this island.
In Bintan there are a lot of beautiful beaches. Beach becomes the mocst popular attraction in this island.  There is also heritage from the ancient time. Beside it, in Bintan, you can surf at the end of the year. Because of the wind is strong, and the wave is suitable for surfing. Surfing becomes the favorite sport in this island.
While the other tourist is surfing, you can also dive to spectate the underwater view. Diving and snorkling is facilitated in the island. The spot of diving usually takes place in Anambas island near to South China Ocean. 
For you who not come to the beach you can have a reserot and other attraction likes outbong, golf course in Bintan resort. Teh Golf course is become the best place for golf in 2008 in Asia.
The facility in this island can be said complete.  The acomodation, hotels and resort which can be used by the tourist who are having their vacation in this island.
The culaire also is a must in the list of your vacation. The culanire in this island is very tasteful, delicious, and exotic. To enjoy the with the background of a beautiful beach, having a spectacular view among other beach. Seafood becomes the favorite food in this island.
The price is very cheap. There is also one unique restaurant whihc face directly to the beach whihc is called Kelong. Every seafood menus can be enjoyed in this restaurant with low price.
Other facility which served for the tourist is spa. You can have spa. Enjoy the relaxing moment and having a blast enjoying the spectacular view in the beach.
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