Bogor Botanical Garden, It’s Not About The Trees!

Some of you might familiar with the word Bogor Botanical Garden, it is a giant botanical garden located in Bogor which extends for approximately 87 hektare, it becomes a place to live for more than 15.000 plants species.
Originally a artificial forest created by Prabu Siliwangi, this place now has become one of the largest traveling destination in Indonesia.
Every holiday tourists from all over the place come here with their family to spend their quality time.
Unfortunately due to this place is extremely spacious, some people are confused on where they are supposed to go upon entering this place, hence a skeptical stereotype about this place soars up, some people thinks that this place only contains trees and flowers.
But actually there are a lot of things that you can do here since there are abundant amount of interesting area spread around this place. If you are interested in seeing what Bogor Botanical Garden has to offer, then you should read below.
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The first time you enter Bogor Botanical Garden, you will see a monument called Lady Raffless Monument, it is a monument which contains a poem about love created by a general in the previous colonialism era, the poem is later written on an inscription.
A lot of people are touched by the feelings that the poem delivers. Not so far away from the monument, you will see Ginting Lake, it is an artificial lake  which is a good place to take a photo shoot because it provides mesmerizing scenery to boot, there are some scary rumors that engulfs this place too, the rumor about the giant snake living inside the lake, or the mysterious lady which only appear on night.  
There are still a lot of places to see in Bogor Botanical Garden such as old Grave of Netherlands, Teijsman Park, Zoology Museom, Mexico Park, and many more. Each place offers various things and of course some myth which lingers around them. One thing that you should remember is the fact that Bogor Botanical Garden is not merely a garden but a perfect traveling destination which contain various attractions.
Img source: christravelblog