Bunut Bolong, Tourism Spot In Bali

Bunut Bolong – Bali is the most popular tourism spot in Bali, Indonesia. In addition to its beautiful natural attractions, as well as its beauty and captivating cultural diversity that makes you always feel at home in Bali.
Besides, the majority Hindu population of Bali has a famous cultural customs are very friendly and uphold a sense of tolerance and solidarity.
Bunut Bolong, tourist destination in Bali Indonesia
From one of the attractions of this example, is a very unique place but sacred by the Balinese people. It is called Bunut Bolong, a large tree which its roots spread everywhere and forming caves that seem beautiful. Just as in the United States is precisely on Shrine Drive THRU Tree.
But in Bali is different, this tree is not deliberately formed in such a way. This tree grows by itself and sacred by the local people as sacred places.
Bunut Bolong Bali Indonesia
Bunut Bolong is located in the village of Manggisari, Pekutatan, Jembrana. Bunut is a tree that looks like a banyan tree. But the difference, bunut tree has roots that go directly to the ground and turned into new trunks. The term Bolong in Bali means holes. So you can guess what it Bunut Bolong Bali.
This Bunut tree has been there for hundreds of years, and its unique roots that stretched from the top down to form a large hole like a cave which divides this great tree. This hole is then used as a paved path that can then be passed by the vehicle freely.
Nearby from Bunut Bolong, there is an area of ‚Äč‚Äčtropical forest that stretches from north to south. In the eastern part is an area which is suitable clove living in upland areas. You can imagine how calm the atmosphere in the area. The atmosphere is very cool, and comfortable. Far from urban atmosphere that can make your mind become relax.
In the southern part, there is a sacred building called Poet Sakti temple. This place is perfect for those of you who want to do meditation or spiritual activity. The poet Sakti temple was founded as Dang Khayangan temple that is intended to honor the figure Dang Hyang Sidhi Mantra.
You can go from Denpasar for around 86 Kilometers, while from highway traffic Denpasar-Gilimanuk, entrance to the north is about 11 kilometers. 
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