Cangar Hot Spring, a Place to replenish your energy

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Batu is famous with the massive amount of traveling destination, be it recreational park, plantation, or other natural attractions.
Talking about natural attractions in Batu, of course the name Cangar will come to mind, it is a hot spring located on the base of Welirang Mountain, Batu.
Cangar’s name has been known throughout local and foreign tourist as a hot spring icon in JawaTimur so visiting this place is a must if you want to feel replenished by dipping yourself in a volcanically-heated water.
If you are interested in putting this place into your traveling checklist, here we provide some information for you.
Cangar Hot Spring, a Place to replenish your energy, places, attraction, family vacation, vacation, hot spring, east java
Cangar hot spring is located in TulungrejoVillage,Bumiaji Sub-distrcts, around 20km from Batu.
In order to go there you have to pass through tortuous mountain road, it is normal because the place itself is located inside Taman Hutan Rakyat (TAHURA) R.Soerjo which lies at the base of Welirang- Arjuno Mountain.
Currently there are no public transportation which can lead you to the place so going there by personal vechicle such as motorcycle or car is recommended, worry not because the road is good and will not tire you out.
You will be mesmerized by the beautiful scenery that you see along the way, the beautiful mountain and countryside view is there to pleasure your eyes. 
Once you arrive there, you will see that this place is divided into three parts.
First is the basic swimming pool. This swimming pool, as the name suggests is for you to swim with your friends or family, there is no particular difference between this swimming pool and the one you see around your town.
Second part is the main attraction of this place which is the hot spring itself, the water in the hot spring is naturally heated so you can soak yourself here and relax, spending your time leisurely while enjoying the hot water. Last part is the children’s pool which is suited for child to play around.
Cangar Hot Spring, a Place to replenish your energy, places, attraction, family vacation, vacation, hot spring, east java
This place is not limited to hot spring, you can alsso find other attractions such as Goa Jepangand Camping Ground. So after reading the information above, are you ready to go to Cangar hot spring and feel refreshed? 
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