Cerme Cave, Mystical Cave in Bantul, Yogayakarta

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Every Cave in Indonesia has its own history as their value, the background  of either the creation or the story that lies deep inside the cave is always something to look for. One of the famous cave in Indonesia is Cerme Cave which located in Bantul, Yogyakarta.
The name ”Cerme” comes from the word “Ceramah” In Indonesia which translated as Lecture, in the old days this place is used by walisongo to spread knowledge about Islam, this place also become the place where the discussion to build Masjid Agung Demak held.
This place has been known as one of the tourism object around Yogyakarta for about 30 years, it was around 1980 when it was first introduced as traveling destination. Now there are a lot of people going there to see the beauty of the cave as well as the waterfall that decorates this place.
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Gua Cerme is located in Dusun Srunggo, Selopamioro, Imogiri, Bantul or around 20km south of Yogyakarta.
To get there you can either use personal vehicle or public transportation, if you decide to go there by using public transportation then you can take the one that has Jogja-Imogiri-Cerme from Giwangan Terminal, yet you have to put in mind that the bus leading to Cerme will only last until 14.00 pm, so you if you plan to use public transportation it is recommended to go there around morning.
The road to Cerme is similar to the road you find around mountain, with plenty of turns and steep road. 
To actually go to the cave you have to walk a little bit. This cave provide a lot of beautiful and naturally carved stalagmite and stalactite and is around 1,5 km in length, the entrance is located in Dusun Srunggo, Bantul while the exit is in Ploso, Gunungkidul.
This place has a lot of rooms, some of them even still used as meditation place hence this place is still full of mystic atmosphere.
To fully enjoy the cave it is highly recommended for you to hire a tour guide since this cave is quite long and it could be confusing. Even more that some of the room inside the cave is filled with water around 1.5m deep. So it is better to get prepared before going to Cerve Cave so that things won’t get messy. 

Img source: infrowisatayogyaku,rentalmobilyogyamurah

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