Cheap Hotel in Bali, Price Under USD $2 – Hotel is an important thing for a tourist when traveling on vacation. A place to stay, rest when tired of enjoying the holidays, and to put our luggage.

Lodging or Hotel in tourist areas usually has an expensive price. Like in Bali, for example, a favorite place for foreign tourists. There, there are many accommodations, ranging from cheap to expensive. But, is there any lodging that costs less than $2?

Cheap Hotels in Bali

Here are recommendations for cheap hotel in Bali for you, which cost under or around $2 per night.

1. Teduh Ayu

Address: Jln. Cargo 3, Gang. Camar No.99, West Denpasar, Bali

Contact: 0812 3669 8616

Starting Price: IDR 83,000 (about $ 0.6)

The first cheap accommodation is Teduh Ayu, one of the most popular and very popular backpacker-style accommodations recommended especially for budget travelers.

And as one of the best lodging references and famous for being cheap because it offers rates below 100 thousand, Teduh Ayu is now opening branches in several different locations in Bali with the intention that loyal visitors remain loyal to using his services.

2. Link Costel

Address: Jln.Pulau Sayang No.9, Teuku Umar, West Denpasar, Bali 80113

Contact: (0361)8422 442

Starting Price: IDR 82,000 (about $ 0.6)

According to information from visitors, Link Costel is a comfortable and cheap accommodation in the western Denpasar area. Convenience is meant here, namely the difference in the room between the adam and the eve.

And besides this convenience, Link Costel has also completed all the accommodation needs of tourists, starting from wifi access free to laundry service.

Talking about tariffs, we don’t need to worry, because the rental fees offered by Link Costel are very affordable because is under 100 thousand per night.

3. Cityzen Renon

Address: Jln. Ciungwanara 2 No. 2, Panjer, Renon, South Denpasar

Contact: (0361)7466 688

Starting Price: IDR 210,000 (about $ 1.5)

Well, for this third inn, it might be very suitable when used as honeymoon accommodation for newlywed couples. Want to know why?

The reason is, Cityzen has quite a name in the Renon area, this is because they only provide 1 room. And to the accommodation is unquestionable, everything is available from soft beds, private bathrooms to access free internet.

4. ReDoorz Plus Near Ubung Terminal

Address: Jln. Cokroaminoto No. 56, North Denpasar, Bali City

Starting Price: IDR 83,338 (about $ 0.6)

Well, for tourists who may have often traveled to various parts of Indonesia, cheap and famous lodgings, RedDoors must be familiar right? One of the accommodations with a cheap budget without having to drain the bag.

As in other cities, we can now find RedDoorz in all corners of Bali and one of them is on Jalan Cokrominoto Denpasar.

5. Hotel Nanda

Address: Jln. Mahendradatta No. 99x, Denpasar, Bali

Contact: (0361)483 150

Starting Price: IDR 78,683 (about $ 0.6)

Of the many good and best hotels in Bali, this Nanda inn on Mahendradatta street must be included in our reference list.

The reason is that apart from the strategic location so that it is easy to reach, the rental rate is below 100 thousand and the facilities are also super complete, ranging from family rooms, private pools, bathtubs to free internet access services.

Now with fairly complete facilities and pocket-friendly prices, it’s no wonder that many tourists make this hotel the right accommodation for families and groups.

Interested? Ordering is quite easy, you can directly contact the contact number listed or via online booking from Traveloka, Agoda, pegipegi, Tripadvisor or OLX.

6. Candra Adigraha Hotel

Address: Jln.Nangka No.37, North Denpasar, Bali

Contact: (0361)226 091

Starting Price: IDR 200,000

Finding cheap accommodation around Denpasar is not difficult, because in almost every corner of the city, from the beach to remote areas, we will find lots of lodging, be it jasmine class or star hotels.

And one of the best hotels that offer friendly rates can be found on Jalan Nangka number 37, the name of the inn is Candra Adigraha.

So according to the visitors, this nice inn is priced in the range of only 200 thousand with sufficient supporting facilities.

7. Nikki

Address: Jln. Gatot Subroto 4 No. 18, Amlapura, Karangasem, North Denpasar

Contact: (0361)413 888

Starting Price: IDR 300,000 (about $ 2.2)

Hotel Nikki, which offers relatively affordable rates in the range of 300 thousand, can be found when visiting the Amlapura area, precisely on Jalan Gatsu number 18.

With a budget that is quite affordable, Nikki has provided all accommodation needs in full, from the facilities to the services.

8. Margarita Surfs

Address: Jln. Munduk Batu Belah No. 17, Mengwi, Canggu, Badung

Contact: 0812 3761 6614

Starting Price: Rp.123.042 (about $ 0.9)

For tourists who are looking for lodging with a direct view of the sea, Margarita Surf on Munduk street, Canggu area may be quite reliable.

This cheap inn by the sea which is priced at 100 thousand is arguably good because in terms of service it is very satisfying and about the facilities are also quite okay.

9. Yuna Cottage

Address: Jln. Popies II, Sukawati, Gianyar, Bali

Contact: (0361)298 598

Starting Price: Rp.150.000 (about $ 1)

For those who are still confused about finding cheap but not cheap lodging, just try staying at Yuna Cottage on Popies Street.

Although already carrying the concept as a cottage, Yuna does not set a high rate of only around 150 thousand per night. And this fee includes the use of all facilities and services.

10. Matahari Tulamben Resort

Address: Jln. Kubu-Abang, Tulamben, Karangasem

Contact: (0363)22916

Starting Price: IDR 280,000 (about $ 2)

Already have plans to spend the year-end vacation in Bali and are still confused about the problem of cheap lodging. Sun

Tulamben Resort might be used as an alternative, one of the daily accommodations with sea views.

11. Hotel Sentral

Address: Jln. Ahmad Yani No. 48, Seririt, Buleleng, Singaraja, Menjangan Bali

Contact: (0362)21896

Starting Price: Rp.98,688 (about $ 0.7)

About 10 minutes from Lovina beach, stands an inn that offers good and safe accommodation at a price very affordable under 100 thousand, the name is Hotel Sentral which is located on Jalan Ahmad Yani.

12. Hotel Maria

Address: Jln. Raya Kuta No. 108, Tuban, Bali

Contact: (0361)752 348

Starting Price: IDR 177,638 (about $ 1.2)

The next cheap lodging that we can rely on as accommodation is the Maria hotel, one of the pocket-friendly accommodations. And not only that, the place has also been equipped with a number of facilities both inside and outside the room.

13. Jose Stay

Address: Toyapakeh Village, Klungkung, Nusa Penida, Bali

Contact: 0831 1410 0045

Starting Price: IDR 175,000 (about $ 1.2)

From several visitor reviews, the Jose Stay inn in the Klungkung area is a thumbs up accommodation because apart from offering pocket-friendly rental prices and adequate facilities, the view is also very amazing.

So it’s no wonder why many tourists recommend this place as one of the best accommodations. Don’t worry about the price, it’s still very affordable, which is only around 175 thousand per night.

14. Risna Homestay

Address: Lembongan Island, Nusa Penida, Bali

Starting Price: IDR 125.000 (about $ 0.9)

Talking about cheap lodging, Risna Homestay which is located on the island of Lembongan is also one of the lists.

Although it is not well known, according to one source of information, the rental price is very affordable, starting from Rp. 125,000 per night.

15. Sylvia Bali Suite Residence

Address: Jln. Tukad Baru Timur, Pemogan, Bali

Contact: 0822 1915 4484

Starting Price: IDR 231,000 (about $ 1.6)

In Denpasar, we will also find many inns that offer swimming pool facilities and one of them is Sylvia Bali Suite Residence, in the Pemogan area.

Sylvia Bali Suite Residence is located very close to Ngurah Rai International airport. So it’s not just offering tariffs friendly and complete facilities, yes, its strategic location can also be said to be quite contributing to the reason why we have to stay at the inn.

16. Arthawan Inn

Address: Jln. Poppies Lane II, Legian, Kuta, Badung

Contact: (0361)752 913

Starting Price: IDR 70,000 (about $ 0.6)

According to the visitor’s explanation, the Arthawan Inn in the Legian area, whose accommodation is very suitable for children and is also pet-friendly, offers cheap rental rates starting from 70 thousand.

And not only that, there are other advantages of this Arthawan Inn, namely from that place we can see the beauty of the sunset in the afternoon.

17. Beautiful Pacung

Address: Jln. Raya Pacung, Tabanan Regency

Contact: (0368)21020

Starting Price: IDR 177,638 (about $ 1.2)

Pacung Indah hotel is one of the cheap lodgings near Lake Beratan Bedugul which offers as many as 6 selected room units and has been equipped with a series of additional facilities according to the visitor’s budget.

18. Nyoman Warta Accommodation

Address: Jln. Sukma Kesuma No. 25, Ubud

Contact: 0818 0538 5222

Starting Price: Rp. 177,000 (about $ 1.2)

Nyoman Warta Accommodation on Jalan Sukma Ubud not only offers cheap accommodation, but they also provide car and bicycle rental services at friendly rates.

19. Kalapa Mas Homestay

Address: Jln. Candidasa, Amlapura, Karangasem

Contact: (0363)41369

Kalapa Mas Homestay is a residential house around Candidasa beach that is rented at pocket-friendly prices and is very suitable to be used as tourist accommodation for families and couples as well as groups.

20. The Agung Residence

Address: Jln. Nakula No. 18, Legian, Seminyak, Kuta

Contact: (0361)4727 347

Starting Price: Rp.130.000 (about $ 0.9)

The Agung Reisdence, one of the affordable modern accommodations in Seminyak that offers a number of the best facilities ranging from an outdoor swimming pool, private bathroom, TV, air conditioning to airport shuttle services.

And besides the list above, here are some inns in Bali and its surroundings that are also recommended, namely:

  • Terrace Uma Residence in Sesetan
  • Pemuteran D&D Dive Center
  • Airy Pecatu Indah Resort, Sanur and Kartika Plaza
  • Teak hotel in Jembrana
  • Jatiluwih 259 homestays
  • Palma Bed&Breakfast in Jimbaran
  •  Love Beach Inn in Tanjung Benoa
  • Titi Sadana Homestay near Amed beach
  • Zen Rooms Imam Bonjol and GWK
  • Segara Hotel in Kintamani
  • Dhangin Taman Inn at Tirta Gangga

Well, for those who are interested in staying at one of the inns above and want to get the latest promo prices, you can view them through online booking sites or you can access them on the smartphone application. Such as Traveloka, Pegipegi, and others.

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