Ciater Hot Spring, Iconic Travelling Destination in Subang

Indonesia is well known for its beautiful natural attractions, there are unlimited amount of places that become potential traveling destination.
Some people might love going to neighboring country to enjoy what they have to offer, but when it comes to the natural tourism object, there is no better choice but Indonesia itself.
Among all of the traveling destination, hot spring is one of the best place to spend the holiday on, because not only it offers beautiful scenery to boot, it also gives a a lot of positive impact to the body.
Ciater Hot spring is one of the example of the famous hot sprimg. It is located in Subang, West Java. 
very years, a lot of people come to this place to enjoy the well-known replenishing hot spring. This largest hot spring in West Java also already in a good management so everything starting to the arrangement of facilities to the amenities are at their peak.
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Ciater Hot Spring is not so far from Tangkuban Perahu mountain, it is approximately 7 km from the mountain. To get here it takes around 40m from Subang if you decide to go by personal vehicle.
On your trip here, you will see vast land of tea plantation with belongs to the local. Once you arrive there you will see that this place, albeit called Natural Hot Spring but already in good condition.
The management did a well job in managing this place and keeping the tourists coming. There are plenty of things that you can do here, for example relaxing your body by soaking in the hotspring, or just walk around the place.
If you are  coming here with a group, then it is a good idea to try the activities around here such as horse-riding, outbound, rafting, or kayaking. 
If you plan to go there, then you better plan your trip well because on holiday this place will be full of tourist. It is not a problem if you only plan to use the hotspring, but if you have a rafting in your to-do list then you better prepare it well beforehand because it is likely that all of the activities are booked by another person.
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