Culinary Paradise: Discovering Nice restaurants in Bali

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Nice Restaurants in Bali – Are you planning to visit Bali and looking for nice restaurants to dine in? Bali is a paradise for food lovers, offering a wide range of cuisines to satisfy your taste buds. Whether you’re looking for local Indonesian dishes or international cuisine, Bali has it all.

As you may already know, Bali is quickly becoming a premier dining destination, with restaurants serving dishes from every corner of the globe. As a matter of fact, it’s not just the cuisine that’s attracting the attention of foodies around the world. Not to mention some of the most idyllic settings on the beach, clifftops, and deep in the jungle, but we have designer decor, celebrity chefs, chic cocktails, and awards galore.

Because of this, we have compiled a list of nice restaurants in Bali and finest dining establishments, representing the city’s various culinary districts. If you’re a true foodie or just curious about the culinary scene, here are some of the finest dining establishments in Bali.

Sa’Mesa – best experience dinner

When a regular dinner for two won’t do, make a reservation at Sa’Mesa, Canggu’s cutting-edge Italian nice restaurants in Bali, where you’ll feel like a VIP. Sa’Mesa is not your average Bali restaurant; the chef personally oversees the open kitchen every night and keeps his guests well-oiled with free-flow limoncello. Only 50 lucky diners are seated for the evening, and they are treated to a theatrical parade of 15-20 surprise dishes served set menu-style and meant to be shared on the long communal tables.

The menu at Sa’Mesa is updated almost daily, but regulars can count on dishes like the tuna crudo, whole red snapper char grilled, and homemade mushroom risotto. Sa’Mesa also sells fine wines, signature cocktails, and, of course, that free-flow homemade limoncello to complement the lively atmosphere and excellent company.

Tanaman – best plant-based restaurant

Tanaman, the revolutionary plant-powered vegan nice restaurants in Bali located in a venue with a teleporting soundscape, is the latest example of the Potato Head Family’s penchant for shattering convention and blowing minds. Each dish on the menu was created with a deep reverence for plants in mind, from their underground beginnings to their ripened fruit, paying homage to even the most commonplace ingredients. You can count on a seasonal multi-course tasting menu that focuses on one of the five elements (earth, water, fire, air, and space).

Get ready to eat your way through Indonesia’s tropical flora, the full potential of which has been unlocked by both traditional and cutting-edge cooking methods. This multi-sensory dining experience is head chef Dom Hammond’s way of paying homage to Indonesia’s most natural ingredients. Tanaman’s carefully crafted cocktails are ideal accompaniments to all of the above.

Uma Garden – best for a wood-fired, al-fresco feast

Uma Garden is a fire-based eatery in the heart of Umalas’ rice paddies, with the simple mission of bringing people together over good food and good vibes. Uma Garden, as its name suggests, is a nice restaurants in Bali located in a beautiful garden and is ideal for a romantic dinner for two or a casual get-together with friends and neighbors. Moreover, there is no better place to gather your fellow gastronomes for a communal feast under the stars than at this restaurant, where the menu has been thoughtfully prepared with sharing in mind.

Here, you can nosh on some succulent 24-hour slow-cooked pork belly or Wagyu beef and jumbo prawns that have been ember-grilled to perfection. Grilling everything over an open fire brings out the best in each high-quality ingredient; cocktails like the Wood Fire Lemon Sour made with coconut charcoal are the perfect complement.

BLANCO Par Mandif

The name BLANCO Par Mandif is well-known among the elite and nice restaurants in Bali as the place to go for exquisite Indonesian cuisine served in a cozy, upscale atmosphere. This award-winning restaurant is run by Indonesian celebrity chef and restaurateur Mandif Warokka, who is also responsible for the phenomenal Teatro Gastroteque in Seminyak. As befits a restaurant with the name “Warokka,” this chic eatery prioritizes closeness with its diners and refined presentation.

The menus feature seven courses of gourmet excellence, all of which are expertly presented, explained, and paired with a selection of the finest wines and spirits. Jimbaran Bay Rock Lobster is butter-poached and served with green pea puree, Kalio curry, and burnt leek as a house specialty. Warokka has his sights set on Michelin stars, and we don’t doubt him for a second, so you’ll want to reserve one of the popular tables in advance.


Bali is a food lover’s paradise with a plethora of dining options to choose from. Whether you’re looking for fine dining or casual eats, local Indonesian dishes or international cuisine, Bali has something for everyone. These are just a few of the nice restaurants in Bali that you should try, but there are many more waiting to be discovered.