Curug Bidadari, Modern Waterfall in Sentul Paradise Park Bogor

Waterfall has become one of the most favorite tourism object to visit on holiday. Without doubt, the things that waterfall offers are quite interesting for the tourist, the scenery as well the fresh air supported by surrounding natural beauty managed to create an aura of refreshment to relieve the tourist from their stressing daily activities.
While most of the waterfall are left on its natural condition without undergoing any renovation, there is one waterfall in Bogor that is well kept by local company called Sentul Paradise Park as one of the tourism object, hence the scenery in this place is quite different because of the renovation, the combination of natural and modern environment managed to captivate the eyes of the people who come here. 
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Curug Bidadari, originaly called as Curug Bojong Koneng, located in Desa Bojong Koneng, Bogor.  Sentul Paradise Park managed to see the potential of this waterfall as traveling destination, thus they decided to do some improvement to the waterfall whilst maintaining its natural state, resulting in fascinating natural attraction. It is fairly easy to get here since the road leading to the waterfall is in good condition and well-kept by the management company, Sentul ParadisePark.
You can go here by personal vehicle, if you decide to go here by personal vehicle then you should head to Southern Sentul Highway, then head left until you arrive in village area, once there you can see the signs showing where to go, just follow it and you will eventually arrive there, it takes around 50 minutes from southern Sentul Highway.
Once you arrive, there are a lot of things that you can do, that includes playing around the waterfall, even flying fox is available here. You don’t have to worry about the safety since everything is handled by Sentul Paradise Park. 
This place open from 8 AM till 5 PM, considering the easy access and things that you can do there,  Curug Bidadari is one of the best traveling destination to go with your family. So are you ready to go travel?
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