Exploring The Beauty of Pindul Cave, Yogyakarta

If you are looking for a traveling destination in Yogyakarta, maybe you ever heard of Oyo River, or Sri Gethuk Waterfall, all of them are located in Gunungkidul. Gunungkidul is known for its large amount of natural tourism object, one of them is the Pindul Cave.

A lot of people come to this cave to enjoy the entertainment called Cave Tubing, it is an activity which requires you to do an excursion inside an underground cave filled with water using a modified buoy, similar to the swimming buoy but with added net in the middle part for you to leisurely sit on.
You can enjoy the view in the cave by following the calm water stream; hence the activity is called as Cave Tubing . Here we provide some information regarding Pindul Cave and the famous Cave Tubing.

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Pindul Cave is located in Desa Bejiharjo, Kecamatan Karangmojo,  Kabupaten Gunungkidul. To get there you have to go using personal vehicle because there isn’t any public transportation that can get you there.

From Yogyakarta, you should go to Wonosari, after that you should take the road leading to Desa Bejiharjo which is approximately 7 km north of Wonosari. The road is already asphalted and in good condition so you don’t have to worry about having a rough time going to the place.
Once you arrive, there will be a lot of operator because you can’t simply explore the cave alone, you have to rent the tube as well as the swimming vest from them. Usually the come in a bundle which contain the tube, swimming vest, as well as tour guide to help guide you in your cave exploration as well as maintaining your safety because the water depth can reach more than 5 meter inside the cave. 
fter everything is ready, you can start your trip by floating on the water using the tube, following the stream. Along the way you will see a lot of magnificent and naturally shaped stalagmite, as well as stalactite. There will be a special cave where you will be allowed to take pictures inside the cave, of course your safety is guaranteed by the guide that acts as lifeguard too. It takes around 30-40 minutes to do this Cave Tubing.

If you want to explore the cave we recommend you to do some research regarding the operator that will guide you in your exploration because there is official and unofficial one. The official one mostly consists of the people living around Pindul Cave, so they will more likely know about the condition of the cave as well as how to properly guide tourists. Each of the operators comes with different price label too, so you better find one that suits you the most. Now are you ready to enjoy the beauty of ancient natural art inside Pindul Cave? Pack your bag now!

Img source: goapindul,pindul.net