Gatra Beach, One of many Beatiful Beach in Malang, East Java, Indonesia.

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Gatra Beach which located in  South Malang, is a row of beach in the southern city of Malang are relatively new compared to the others.

Coral reefs off the coast improve a beautiful panoramic view of the ocean Indonesia blue sheen during the day.
With the opening of Sendang Biru Beach Malang, located near where the fish auction Sendang biru, precisely in the Sendang Biru village, Tambak Rejo, Subdistrict Sumbermanjing Wetan, Malang regency, then increased again a collection of beauty of the southern part of this, particularly in the area of mangrove, which in addition to attractions this, also there is no nearby beach Clungup, as well as Turkish 3 (Three) Color shades members who participated landscape beauty Travel Malang.

Passable stamina necessary to get here, because must walk through the mangrove forest before arriving at the location, along the road that is quite steep and hot when in daytime, sandy grounds and mangrove forest itself.

In the initial post, visitors are required to register first and pay the admission price of Rp 6,000 rupiah per person, where the donation is also intended for the purchase of mangrove seedlings were planted in this place.
Due to the still in the conservation, then when caught littering fines will be rewarded, which is nice, because the presence or absence of rules, naturally visitors must continue to preserve the environment.

Gatra Beach Malang, tourist sites still hidden, not yet touched many people, it is feasible to put forward as one of the attractions in the poor, especially the southern part.

Not in vain do the trekking to get to this area, because it pays off to get a view of the Gatra beach and other tourist destination more in one area, namely Clungup Beach, Tiga Warna Beach, Bangsong and Asmoro.
As an alternative if you do not want to do a trekking trip, you can also hire taxis are quite cheap, just Rp.5000 rupiah. The beauty of Gatra Beach Malang with coral clusters reminds us such sights Area Tourism Raja Ampat Papua.

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