Review: Gili Putih, The Hidden Tourism Destination

Gili Putih Review – In the previous article, 10 Hidden Gems Tourism Destination, we have discussed hidden tourist spots that have not been visited by many tourists, both local and foreign. Of course it will be more exciting to visit new and comfortable tourist attractions without too many visitors.

One of these tourist attractions is Gili Putih, an archipelago that offers beautiful natural beaches.

Gili Putih Sumberkima Bali Review

Gili Putih Sumberkima was once just a small pile of sand that only had a small area. Over time, Gili Putih Sumberkima became a vast pile of sand to form land. So vast, Gili Putih Sumberkima has an area of ​​​​has. It’s funny, if the sea water is high, the area of ​​Gili Putih Sumberkima shrinks drastically, it’s different when the sea water recedes, Gili Putih Sumberkima has a very wide area.

Visitors can also feel the sensation of walking from the lips of Penggambetan Beach to Gili Putih Sumberkima, but if the sea water is receding, yes. Of course, in the morning or evening hours, during the day and night, the water must be high and you have to use a boat to get here.

Gili Putih Sumberkima is often used by fishermen to find fish. Not only that, Gili Putih Sumberkima was also planted with mangrove trees by the local government, but failed because the soil was sandy. Even so, the Buleleng city government in Bali also continues to strive for the best management for this one tour. I’m sure that in the future Gili Putih Sumberkima will be crowded with local and foreign tourists.

The beautiful charm of Gili Putih Sumberkima does not need to be doubted. There are so many photographers who make this place their photography target. Because of its unspoiled beauty, many also use Gili Putih Sumberkima as a place for pre-wedding or post-wedding photos. Do you also want to have a pre-wedding on this cool Gili Putih Sumberkima?

Because of its location which is directly exposed to sunlight, wearing sunblock is a must. On Gili Putih Sumberkima there is also a wooden swing which of course makes your photos even more instagramable. The beauty of Gili Putih Sumberkima is also often found on Instagram, don’t admit to being modern if you haven’t been here, guys, haha. There are also several huts for those of you who want to rest and enjoy the wind on Gili Putih Sumberkima. Ahhhh it will be a vacation that I will never forget.

Gili Putih Sumberkima is also still a new tour in Bali, so it’s really suitable for those of you who are confused about looking for exciting tourist destinations. The boat fare to go to Gili Putih Sumberkima is priced at IDR 350,000 to IDR 400,000 with a maximum boat capacity of 5 people. The funniest thing is actually coming together, because apart from being cheap, it’s also a fun vacation.

How to Get There Gili Putih Sumberkima, Bali?

For those of you who like traveling to Bali, you must be quite bored with the same tour, right? Kuta Beach, Tanah Lot, Tanjung Benoa, and several other famous tours you must have visited when you were in Bali. There’s something new and queuing for the mainstream. The name of the tour is Gili Putih Sumberkima. Have you heard before? Or have you ever been there?

For the first time, I will visit this one tour, guys. After looking for information about travel packages to Gili Putih Sumberkima, I immediately set the date and departed.

Gili Putih Sumberkima is located in the Sumberkima Gerokgak area, Buleleng, Bali, Indonesia. For those of you who are native to Buleleng, of course, you will easily find out the location of this one tourist attraction. For those who don’t know the location, you can try a backpacker or if you want a simple tour package to go to Gili Putih Sumberkima which is cool.

Is Gili Putih Worth a Visit?

If you are looking for tourist attractions in Bali, which are still natural and not widely known by many people, Gili Putih can be the right recommendation. Its natural atmosphere will allow you to enjoy a vacation away from the density of the city.