Gong Cavern, A Place Of Reverberating Whispers

Cavern or cave is one of the tourism objects that always attract traveler, the mythical and mysterious atmosphere carried by the place brings the thrill to the body.
In Jawa Timur lies a city which is known as the City of Thousand caves, the name of the city is Pacitan. Due to its location, pacitan is surrounded by a lot of caves, hence the title.
One of the most famous cavern in Pacitan is called Gong Cavern. The name itself comes from the local people that said about some stalagmites can emit sound like Gong (Javanese traditional instrument) which echoes throughout the cave. 
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Gong Cavern is located west of Pacitan, approximately 30km or around 45 minutes by vehicle. The road leading to this place is already in good condition, you can go along the road of Solo – Pacitan and you will eventually get there.
Once you arrive you are to pay a certain sum of price in order to be able to enter the cavern. Since it is a cavern if you want to see every nook and cranny then you have to bring your very own flashlight, but worry not because there are plenty of people who will lend it to you, of course you have to pay too.
When you first set your foot on the entrance of the cavern you will be amazed by the beautiful arrangement of stalagmite and stalactite, the iridescent light that decorated the cavern will further emphasize its beauty.
This cavern is already in good management so there are pathways already set in the cavern you don’t just wander aimlessly, all of your safety are guaranteed because safety fence, steps, and lamps are already ready to support your exploration, still be careful because certain parts the cavern is dark even with lamps around.
The cavern consists of more than rooms, each with its own name. People said that in the seventh room you will find the Watu Gong, if you try to knock the stone a gong like sound will echo around the cavern, creating mythical and mysterious atmosphere at the same time. So are you ready to pack your bag and head to this jaw dropping cavern?
Img source: telusurindonesia, wisataterbaru.com