House of Sampoerna, A Remnant of The Past

In deciding traveling destination, there are a lot of factors to consider. Some people may prefer going to natural attractions to enjoy its beauty, but for some people going there is a hassle because of either the distance or time taken.
If you are looking for a place to spend your holiday on without having to travel far away from the cities, visiting museum may be a good decision to take.
In Surabaya lies a famous museum which exhibits collections of things from the past, it is called House of Sampoerna.
This place not only consist of various artifacts which belong to the previous owner of Sampoerna but this place is also exhibits the process of creating cigarette which is represented by the brand Sampoerna.
Located in the city, this place is a perfect traveling destination for those who need a quick trip. 

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This place is located in Surabaya Lama, near the famous Jembatan Merah where a bloody fight to defend the city took place years ago.
Around this place you will see a lot of colonial building which is shown by its design, actually House of Sampoerna’s building is the big building from the colonialism era too, but it was renovated in a way so that it became a museum.
Once you arrive there, you can smell the clove and tobacco right away. The building itself consists of two floors, the first floor is the exhibition floor while the second floor is the souvenir floor, you can see the process of creating cigarette on the second floor.
Since this is a museum showcasing the history of the famous Sampoerna company, you can expect the artifacts to have relation with the history of Sampoerna, such as Liem Seng Tee’s old bike, his workplace and many more.
Those artifacts are the remnant of the struggle of the Sampoerna on its way toward one of the biggest company alive.
If you plan to go to this place you don’t have to worry because there is no fee to enter this place, totally free. Moreover, you can buy souvenirs or juts leisurely taking photos around the place except for the second floor (the souvenir floor). This place opens from 9 AM until 10 PM everyday so you can go there almost anytime with your family to simply divert your mind from the boring daily routine.
Img source: ayorek, infowisatamalang