Lombang Beach, with Hidden Wave in The Island of Salt

If you go to the island of Madura in Indonesia, which is famous word salt, arid, hot, karapan beef, satay, the people of his fierce and grumpy but friendly, Suramadu, and the beach.
Yes, the beach. Madura is not only famous for its culinary travel in the form of meat skewers were burnt, but also natural beauty is second to none. 
For visitors who are looking for the beach, Madura has many marine tourism including beaches, among others, the beach selopeng, Camplong beach, beach jumiang, and who recently was famous is the beach in the wave of Sumenep town.
Cities in the east end of the island is the city that became the center of government. Besides beaches, historical tourism as Kraton Sumenep also located in this city.
Sumenep town is about 4 to 5 hours from Surabaya. Before entering the island of salt, you must first go through the longest bridge, the bridge is a mega project that would cost trillions of rupiah.
At night, the longest bridge will look very beautiful with flashing lights that twinkle emit a wide color range, reflects the diversity found on the island of Madura behind all the stereotypes that exist.
Lombang Beach Indonesia
Arriving at the beach Lombang, visitors are greeted by a group of pine trees lined with many pine trees in the surrounding shrimp.
Right in front of the eyes, overlaid bersebrangan extent of white sand with a beautiful sea, the rustling sound waves Madura slowly, rolling roll towards the mainland into a cool game for visitors to play the water and swim. The warmth of the sun into the alloy from which to enjoy the sand beach.

Lombang Beach Madura Indonesia
Tired jokes and playing in the sea water as if making tired and thirsty. No need to worry, people around the beach Lombang opening stores of food and beverages. Visitors will be treated to refreshments such as juice or coconut water.

Madura Island Indonesia
Not only that, visitors can also enjoy the beach by walking up the horse accompanied by a supervisor, so that the safety of visitors who have never rode guaranteed. In any given day, visitors can also enjoy a series of local performances such as dances, typical entertainment, etc.

For tourists who want to stay disekitaran beach, hotel and cottages are made of natural materials such as wood for the walls, trunks and palm leaves for roofs, exotic impression on the beach on the island of Madura.

The beach is visited by many local and international tourists, and became one of the favorite tourist attractions in Madura since 2000. Some travel agents who drove its customers from Jakarta to Bali was sometimes offer travel packages to the beach for a few days.

On the day of the holidays, especially during the Eid holidays and Christmas, visitors can reach 75 thousand people per day. However, it does not make dissuade visitors to enjoy the beautiful beaches of this Lombang.