Lovina Beach, Where You Can See Dancing Dolphine

Pantai Lovina is located in northern Bali. It is known best for the dolphin which you can enjoy seeing it directly in the middle of the sea.
This beach is well known to many tourist, whether local or interlocal people. Not only for its natural resources like dolphins, but you can enjoy the beauty of this beach.
In this black sandy beach, the dolphins live freely. If you want to see them, you have to rent a boat. This beach is also very clean even there are a lot shops.

Because of its dolphin, this beach is seen differently among the other beach. It becomes much popular if it is compared to another beach.
However, it’s not the dolphins that can be enjoyed. You can also enjoy the diving and snorkeling activity. There are plenty of colorful fish that is very friendly.
Well, the underwater beauty may not be as beautiful as the other beach. But still, you can enjoy the underwater panorama with cheapy. 
How to Watch Dolphins?
Dolphins at Lovina beach generally rise to the surface early in the morning. At approximately 5:00 to 8:00 pm you can watch a bunch of dolphins that swim into the sea. There are simply swim to the surface some are jumping for joy shows daily activities.
For seeing these beautiful creatures, you must go to the beach very early in the morning. At approximately 5:00 to 8:00 AM, earlier is better, you can watch a bunch of dolphins. Somehow, they only swim and jump. But you cannot go very near to the dolphins. It is better for you to bring any camera or binocular.
If you don’t want to be hasty, we recommend you to stay at the nearest hotel around the beach. By using a local fishing boat for maximum 5 people, you will be needing 1-2 kilometers to enjoy the view of dancing dolphins. Why we recommend you to go very early, is not only because the dolphins appears very early, but also because the sun will burn your skin in the middle of the sea if you don’t go very early.
How to Get to Lovina Beach
It’s not very difficult to find this beach because it is located in the main road in Singaraja. From Ngurah Rai airport, you have to spend around 120 km or nearly 3 hours.
img source : http://wisatabaliutara.com/