Menganti beach, Heaven in Kebumen Center Java

Menganti  beach is located in the  Karangduwur village, Kebumen. Located approximately 40km from the Gombong district.
Menganti beach can be reached by motor vehicle. But rather suggested to use a motorcycle, do not use cars or buses. And motorcycles are in use even if it could be in a state of very excellent in because the terrain is still very difficult to be passed.
The terrain may be difficult, but it is worth. The white sand of the beach will pleasure you with the combination of the blue water.
The green hills and also the natural cliffs will give you a pleasure seeing of this beauty of nature. Enjoying the nature, and become socialize with the local especially for the fisherman, youcan buy fresh fish directly from them.
You want to stay overnight ofcourse, this beach gives you that facility too. You can feel the wind form the ocean, yeah Hindia ocean, which spread across eyes view. You will never see this view in other, maybe other looks great, but this, is spectacular vacation you can have.
Menganti beach, Heaven in Kebumen Center Java
There are also at least four water fall around this beach, which you also can enjoy, both of them, beach and waterfall.  The green hills will accompanied you through your vacation. The special thing about this beach, comes from its sand, which the only white sand beach on center Java. 
Menganti beach, Heaven in Kebumen Center Java
If you want to see the cool view exotic, and stunning, searchers can go up to the mountain on the east side coast. This hilltop also 20meter high lighthouse which was founded in the Netherlands in 1912-1915. In this location, searchers can enjoy throughout the coastal region with the contours of the cliff that stretches and in the mix of blue water ocean.