Money-saving Travel Apps and Websites to Plan Your Trip

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Money-saving Travel Apps and Websites – The holiday season has arrived, and as you reflect on the year that has passed, equip your smartphone with cost-effective travel apps and websites to prepare for your upcoming travels.

These tools can help you save money on flights and keep track of your busy travel plans.

Money-saving Travel Apps and Websites – Apps to compare flights


To streamline your flight search process, begin with Skyscanner. This app is user-friendly and provides comprehensive information about flights, including layover time, aircraft type, and in-flight entertainment options.

Skyscanner even tells you if the plane has power outlets, making it an essential tool for those who need to work during their flight. If you’re planning a holiday vacation, use Skyscanner to find excellent deals and filter your search by month.

The app also offers travel recommendations for various categories, such as weekend travel, solo trips, and vacations without kids.

Money-saving Travel Apps and Websites – Hopper

Hopper is an app that helps you keep an eye on flight prices by displaying them in a user-friendly calendar view. You can set up alerts to track price changes and book flights directly through the app.

While I’ve only booked one flight through Hoppers, I find it helpful for predicting when prices will increase or decrease for a trip. The calendar view makes it easy to spot patterns in pricing trends for your destination.

With, finding the most affordable flight prices is a breeze. The app offers alerts for price drops and even allows you to compare prices for hotels, cars, and cruises. Plus, it’s a one-stop-shop for all your travel needs.

Money-saving Travel Apps and Websites – If you nees car for road trips


GasBuddy is a useful app for both local and long-distance trips to find the cheapest gas prices. With its location-based service, GasBuddy tells you which gas stations are closest and have the best prices.Additionally, GasBuddy offers a Gas Estimator feature that calculates the amount of gasoline you need based on your vehicle and travel distance.


Turo is an app for renting cars that works like Airbnb. When travelers are looking for car rental options, they often forget about Turo.However, it can be more affordable than traditional rental companies and offers a wider variety of cars, from Toyotas to Porsches.

For an extra fee, car owners can even drop off their cars wherever they want, like at an airport. As a result, it is a handy alternative for tourists.


Consider Getaround as an option if you don’t need to rent a car for a long period of time or if you’re looking for an alternative to Turo. This peer-to-peer car sharing service offers hourly rentals starting at just $5, and includes 24/7 roadside assistance and rental insurance in the cost. Plus, in some cases, you can unlock the car right from your smartphone.

Money-saving Travel Apps and Websites – For Schedule


Service is an app that can save you money if your flight is delayed or canceled. The app syncs with your email to scan your flight and hotel reservations.

The service then contacts the airline and files a claim for compensation on your behalf. If they are successful, you can save up to $300, with Service taking a 30 percent cut of the savings.

Membership is also available for $49 a year with no percentage taken out.

Money-saving Travel Apps and Websites – Trail Wallet

Trail Wallet is a helpful tool for travelers who are mindful of their expenses. With the app, you can easily keep track of your spending in over 200 currencies.

It also allows you to set a budget for your trip and provides daily updates on how much money you have left to spend. However, you will need to manually input each purchase you make to ensure accurate tracking.

Money-saving travel apps and websites can help you save money on your travels. From finding the cheapest flights to tracking your expenses, these tools make traveling more affordable and accessible. With a little research and the help of these apps and websites, you can travel the world without breaking the bank.