Most Favorite Tourist Places in Bali

 Favourite Tourist Places in Bali – Talking about tourist attractions in Bali, of course there will be no end. There are lots of interesting tourist spots to visit. Starting from natural, historical, to cultural tourism.

However, there are several tourist attractions that are favorite tourist destinations for local and foreign tourists. These places are always crowded with visitors, because they have a special attraction for people who come to Bali.

Favorite Tourist Places in Bali

The following are some of the most popular and favorite tourist spots for tourists visiting Bali.

1. Sekumpul Waterfalls

1. Sekumpul Waterfalls

After returning from Java, I usually get sick of seeing concrete, cement, pavling, buildings, whatever. I need an escape that has at least an element of green-green. So this is my first destination. The location is close to my house, cheap, and relatively not too crowded. The path is also challenging for me who really likes tracking. Fatigue after walking far will pay off with the treats that await below.

Until now, this waterfall is still ranked first in the category of “the most beautiful waterfall I have ever visited”.

This answer is also an invitation from me for those of you who want to explore Bali further. Let’s go to North Bali! Lots of hidden treasures are ready for you to find 🙂

2. Kintamani

Sometimes I feel stifled by my hometown where the climate is smoldering. Then this place became my other escape location. The path that I took to achieve it was very relaxing, and the treats at the end of the trip were no less beautiful. I like to lay a mat in the field and then sip hot coffee while looking at the horizon at the confluence of Mount Batur and Lake Batur.

It so happened that my ancestors came from Trunyan Village in Kintamani, so sometimes I took the time to visit the small temple there. My relatives who still live in Trunyan sometimes offer to join me in catching tilapia, the most delicious freshwater fish in the world (or maybe that’s just my opinion, haha). I can spend hours on a jukung, playing in the water, sometimes being plunged into the lake by an ignorant cousin. After that I continued to sit on the mat, enjoying the mujair soup made by Ajik while looking at the surface of Lake Batur. Heavenly heaven.

3. Ubud

I am a person who really likes works of art, so Ubud is one of the best art centers to spoil my eyes. On either side of the pedestrian walkway, there are many small shops filled with various forms of art (many of which I can only see but in my heart I promise to buy them when I’m rich). In addition, the architecture and sculptures of the buildings are also beautiful, many of which I only found exclusively in Ubud, not in other parts of Bali. It is appropriate that the people of Gianyar are called human beings of high art.

4. Pandawa Beach

One of the cleanest white sand beaches in Bali. It’s a bit crowded, but if you walk further east away from the crowds that usually crowd near the beach entrance, then you’ll find a paradise for yourself. The water is shallow, the waves are friendly, and the views on the horizon are stunning. It’s true that I can’t enjoy the sunset here, but the combination just now was enough to relieve my stress for a moment. Check on Pandawa Beach Bali

So, which one is your favorite tourist spot in Bali?