Pangumbahan Beach, Heaven For Green Sea Turtle In Sukabumi

Indonesia is famous for its beaches, each of them has different things to offer to the touris hence a lot of them become famous traveling destination.
Some of the unique aspect of the beach are the sand, the waves and the scenery it provides, but in Sukabumi lies a beach that is famous for being a place to lay eggs for the cute green sea turtles, the name of the beach is Pangumbahan Beach.
Pangumbahan beach is located in Sukabumi, West Java, this beach has a lot of things to offer to the tourist who plans to set their foot here; first is its scenery as a beach, second is its high amount of silica contained in the sand, third is its calm but high waves which is suitable to be used to surf; foruth is of course, as a place where turtles lays their eggs. Here we provide some information regarding Pangumbahan Beach. 
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Pangumbahan Beach is located near Ujung Genteng Beach, since the location is pretty much secluded, some of the tourist often chose to spend the night around Ujung Genteng resort and go to Pangumbahan Beach in the next day or in the night to see green sea turtles coming to the shore to lay their eggs.
To get here from Jakarta, you can go to Ciawi-Cikembar-Surade-Ujung Genteng which will be approximately 3 hours long, if you want to go from Bandung then you can go through Cianjur-Sukabumi-Jampang Kulon- Surade-Ujung Genteng which will be around 4 hours at most.
There are a lot of activities that you can do in Pangumbahan Beach, starting from strolling around the beach to surfing. Occasionaly, local people will hold a hatchling “parade” that consists of watching those tiny animals run their way to the sea.
If you want to see green turtles coming from the sea to lay their egg you better go there on dawn, around 4am  and be sure not to startle them using flashlight or camera blitz because it will make scared and not coming back for 3 years or so. If you plan to go here be sure to prepare some equips since the road is still pretty dark and rough.

Img source: infofotografi,panduanwisata