Parangtritis, The Beautiful Beach in Yogyakarta

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If you want to find a beach around Yogyakarta, we are pretty sure that you cannot miss parangtritis beach in your traveling destination list. Parangtritis beach is the famous beach in Yogyakarta, not only for its mesmerizing scenery, but also for its historical and traditional value.
Local people believe that this beach is the unification of Merapi Mountain, Jogja Palace, and Parangtritis itself so every mysterious occurrences that happen will be connected with this beach.  Parangtritis is an unique beach because while most of beaches has calm wave, Parangtritis is famous for its huge waves, so swimming around the beach is considered dangerous hence it is prohibited. Here we provide some information regarding Parangtritis Beach for you to read.
ParangtritisBeach  is located in Parangtritis Village, Kretek Sub-district, Bantul Yogyakarta. To get there you have to go around 27 km south of Yogyakarta, there are two main roads leading to the beach, first is through Yogyakarta passing through JL. Parangtritis then to Kretek until finally arrive in Parangtritis, second road is through Imogiri. It is recommended for you to go through Imogiri because while it needs longer travel time, it provides a lot of beautiful natural scenery along the way so you won’t get bored in your travel.  Once you arrive there you will be welcomed by beautiful scenery of the beach, despite the prohibition on swimming but there are still a lot of things you can do in this beach. In the beach you can rent a horse-drawn carriage or known as dokar in local language, you can even rent an ATV  (All Train Vehicle) to stroll through the beach because this beach is also famous for its natural mound of beach-sand or known as gumuk. For you who only want to spend your time leisurely while taking pictures Parangtritis Beach is the best place for that, the beach mound can give you desert-like feelings while the scenery, especially on sunses will make you flabbergasted for sure.
For you who are interested in spending the night around the beach there are a lot of hotels or lodges around the beach, most of them are located around the hils so you can imagine how beautiful the scenery will be. For you who loves to buy souvenirs don’t worry because there are  abundant amount of shops around the beach for you to spend your money on. After reading about Parangtritis Beach, are you ready to put it on your traveling destination checklist?
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