Pelabuhan Ratu In Sukabumi, Different place to Visit

Pelabuhan ratu is located in Sukabumi, East Java. Geographically, Pelabuhan Ratu is very interesting plave to have a vacation. However, beacause it close to Hindia Ocean, it has big wave in every beach around it. Pelabuhan Ratu can be said as one place that have many beach. The view in this place is very spectacular, and a lot of visitors love this place. This spot is a good place spend with family or friend, and even for photographer who wants to find a good spot.

A mystical story also happen to occur in this place. Story of Nyi Roro Kidul, which very famous among Javanese people. The story becomes the artifact that is perfecting the Pelabuhan Ratu.

Pelabuhan Ratu has many spots which are:

1. Cimaja Beach

Cimaja becomes the place for people who loves surf. The big wave becomes the interesting part in this beach. It attracts the visitor to come to this place. The view also very beautiful in this beach, ornate with stone in the lip of the beach.

2. Karang Hawu Beach

Karang Hawu Beach in Indonesia so beautiful

Also, in this beach is purposed for who likes to surf. This beach also have a big wave who can attracts the surfer. The characteristics of this beach is its stones on the lip of the beach is heading toward the sea. The stone is like the bowl, that is why this beach is called Kawang Hawu, which means bowl.

3. Lalay Cave

This cave is the place where you can meets many bats flying around. In the sunset, you will see many bats fly, the local says, it is like the bats dancing in the sunset.

4. Cisolok Hot Spring

Not far from Pelabuhan Ratu, there is a hot spring. As we know that hot spring usually exist near to the mountain, however, this hot spring close to the beach. The water is very unique, the water not contain the sulfur. The heat of the water comes from the geyser.