Raja Ampat, Heaven Among Us in Indonesia

Raja Ampat is indeed a real heaven in the world. As it is created specifically for Indonesia, Raja Ampat is so hypnotizing anyone who sees it.
Panorama of its natural beauty is not ussual. Starting from the clam atmosphere, clarity of the seawater, its crystal clear blue and of course that is not to be missed is the variance of the beauty of coral reefs, which also became a magnet to attract tourists.
Not only from within the country, foreign tourists also joined the hunt for holiday in Raja Ampat. Even more special again, Raja Ampat became one of 10 tourist destinations in the world diving subscription which is always selected. But there are some things that not many people know about the famous Raja Ampat.
Raja Ampat does have many “things”. Located in the world’s coral triangle, became one of the special aspects of Raja Ampat. Because of this, in this underwater paradise there are about 75% of all coral species in the world. Not to forget also diverse species of fish.
Starting from sharks, whales up to the living fossil, the coelacanth all available in full in the underwater Raja Ampat. Underwater atmosphere is like a jungle, Raja Ampat is also known as ‘Amazon bawah laut’ or it means an underwater amazon.
Raja Ampat is essentially a national park, it is accidently not to be developed and promoted as a tourist destination. The number of people visiting is limited.
It is meant in order for the preservation of nature Raja Ampat is always maintained. It is actually not the first to be applied in a beautiful place Indonesia, East Java has some like Sempu Island, located in the city of Malang. 
empu island is a nature reserve so that not just anyone can visit, require permission to visit there. The difference island Sempu already known to the public as a tourist destination so it is used for tourist attractions that any person may enter it.
All kinds of beautiful and distinctive Raja Ampat does not necessarily make it surrounded by a lot of tourists every day. This relates to the budget that must be removed. Cost of travel packages to Raja Ampat can be more expensive than the cost of a trip to Europe. For a full package stay until diving in the underwater world of Raja Ampat, Dolaners have to set aside about 28 million to 84 million.
img source: Dolandolen.com