Seminyak, Beautiful Beach With Cheap Resort In Bali

If we want to mention the best traveling destination in Bali, It takes more than what we can imagine. True enough, Bali is one of the islands in Indonesia which contain heaps of mesmerizing tourism object. It is the embodiment of culture and beauty.

Every year there are a lot of people coming back and forth to the island only to enjoy the fabulous spot it has to offer, one time will never be enough to satisfy their needs of either cultural or natural oriented trip.

Seminyak, Beautiful Beach With Cheap Resort In Bali

If you ask about where you are supposed to go to see the best of Bali, most of the people will eventually recommend you go to to the Seminyak.

Seminyak is an area which is famous of being a luxurious and sophisticated area in Bali. It is a second-well known place in Bali other than Kuta, this is also the place where most of the tourists would love to spend their time on.

Actually around a decade ago this place was simply a rural area which is still unkown to most of the people, its name is overshadowed by the famous beachfront town Legian. Now through astonishing development progress, this place is become famous worldwide, not only for its natural attraction but also its luxurious high-end bars and restaurant.

There are a lot of things that you can do here, but the most notable one is the Seminyak beach. It is a wonderful beach with stretching white sand.  It is far quieter than the Legian or Kuta Beach, and just like the other. It offers you beautiful scenery of sunsets.

This place is also famous for its great waves thus making it one of the best spot for tourist to go surfing. Not so far from there you can visit the Pura Petitenget which is known for its beach-side ceremonials, also it is one of the sacred temples in Bali, along with Uluwatu Temple.

Around Seminyak you will see a lot of restaurants and cheap resorts for you to spend the night on, of course there are some resorts which are quite High-Class if you really want to.

How to go to Seminyak

  • From Kuta and Legian, drive along Jalan Legian
  • Follow the road beside the beach to the west
  • You will arrive at Jalan Seminyak, you can follow the road or…
  • Head to eastern Bypass called Jalan Sunset
  • Arrive in Seminyak

If you want, there is a prepaid taxi that can take you directly from the airport to Seminyak, for around Rp 60.000

Be very careful though as the night comes the street in Seminyak will be flooded with people and it will be jammed, so if you go there using vehicle such as car, you should consider that possibility too. Seminyak is one of the iconic area in Bali, especially created to please the tourist, so make sure that you visit this place!