Sri Gethuk Waterfall, “ Grand Canyon” in Yogyakarta

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There is no doubt that Grand Canyon is one of the most beautiful place in the world, the magnificent waterfall surrounded by naturally carved rock as well as hills will mesmerize anyone who see it.

If you are planning to go for a trip around Yogya, there is good news because you can see the beauty of Grand Canyon without having to go to America. Located in Gunungkidol, a place known for its barren land lays a beautiful waterfall called Sri Gethuk Waterfall.
It is a beautiful waterfall that some people call it javanese “Grand Canyon”. The stream of water flowing and dividing the land until it ends up as waterfall is a stunning scenery to behold.  Here we have some information about Sri Gethuk Waterfall for you to read.

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Sri Gethuk Waterfall is located in Gunung Kidul, Yogyakarta.  From Yogyakarta you have to take the road to Wonosari, following the road sign then you’ll arrive in Playen, then you will see heaps of roadsigns showing you the way to get to the waterfall, just follow it and you will eventually arrive.

There are two kinds of road leading to the place, first is the off-road which of course may provide you with more difficulty in passing through, then there is the normal road which is in good condition but it takes more time, which road you choose is up to you to decide.
Along the way you will pass  the eucalyptus rainforests owned by PERHUTANI. To get to the waterfall you cannot use your vehicle, but you need to choose one; on foot, or rent a boat made of drums and board, going against the stream of Oya River. There is no problem if you decide to go on foot, but if you dare to go there by boat then it is recommended for you to head there in the morning because the stream is still calm and since you have to row the boat against the stream, it will provide you with less difficulty.
Of course you will see beautiful scenery of paddy field, shrubs and thickets that will relieve you from your fatigue. Once you arrive in the waterfall, you will realize that the waterfall really lives up to its name. The natural beauty of the waterfall, surrounded by mesmerizing scenery will make your jaw drop.

So after reading about Sri Gethuk Waterfall, are you ready to go traveling? Maybe it is a good choice to make this place as one of your traveling destination in Yogyakarta.

Img source : initempatwisata, telusurindonesia

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