Sumber Pitu, The Intertwining Waterfalls In Pujon East Java

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Waterfall is one of the most visited traveling destinations; the fresh-pouring water decorated by beautiful scenery is always a feast to the eyes. Since long time ago, visiting waterfall is mandatory for people who love to travel.
Have you ever see seven waterfalls packed into one single place? One waterfall is beautiful enough, now this place has seven waterfalls for you to enjoy.
This tourism object is called Sumber Pitu Waterfall, or known as Sumber Pitu.Sumber Pitu is located in Pujon, west of Malang. As the name may suggest, this place consists of seven waterfalls with beautiful scenery surrounding it.
For you who are interested in visiting this place, here we provide some information regarding Sumber Pitu Waterfall.
SumberPitu Waterfall is located in Pujon, around 2 hour trip west of Malang.
The location itself is close to the well-known Coban Rondo Waterfall, it is normal since both of them are from the same wellspring.
To get there, first you have to go to Pujon, then proceed to PujonKidul, once you arrive there will be signs showing where to go or you can simply ask the local people because SumberPitu Waterfall is one of the promoted tourism object around there.
After you arrive in the parking area, you still have to walk your way to the waterfall, it is around 2 KM  passing through local farmland and mountain road, it is recommended to prepare yourself because the trip to the waterfall is quite tiring.
After  a while you will arrive at the SumberPitu, the fresh air and beautiful scenery are there to relieve you from your fatigue.
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The place itself is divided into two areas, the lower and upper area. In the lower area there is a single waterfall while the upper area consists of seven waterfalls, that is the exact reason why it is called SumberPitu. To get to the upper area you have to climb the sloppy stairs, be careful since you will have to walk on steep stairs.
Once you arrive you will see waterfalls from your left to your right, it is straight beautiful and you will be mesmerized by it. We will not spoil everything here since you have to go and enjoy the natural art by yourself, so are you ready to travel to SumberPitu?
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