Tahai, Red-Colored Lake in Palangkaraya

There are countless lake in Indonesia; one of the honorable mention is the name of Toba Lake in Sumatra which is already known worldwide. But there are still a lot of lakes which are not that famous but still offer amazing experience as tourism object.
One of that lake ist called Tahai Lake which is famous for its scenery and reddish water, this lake is located in Palangkaraya, Central Kalimantan. The name Tahai comes from the local dayak language which translated as Lake.
There are two myths about the legend of this lake, first is that the lake is formed by the rainwater which accommodates in the previously sand mining-site, the second is the myth that the lake is formed because of an anomaly in the Kahayan River, thus creating a massive pool of water.
Nevertheless the local government managed to change this place into a favorite tourism object for people who visit Palangkaraya.
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To actually get there you have to head to the Palangkaraya – Sampit which is around 30km, then there will be road signs showing where you have to turn and go a little bit further into the inland.
You can go there by either personal vehicle or public transportation; if you decide to go there by public transportation then you should take the bus which is heading to sampit, and walk around 3km to reach the lake.
Once you arrive there you will see that this place is a modern unification of nature and modern technology, the beautiful lake decorated by the bridges which are floating on it, the bridge is created in a way so that it can become the footstep for the tourist who want to enjoy the lake trip.
The amazing thing from this lake is the color is somewhat red due to the ground water peat and the roots of the plants; it is an amazing and unique sight to see. This lake is still surrounded by natural environment so you can expect yourself breathing fresh air from your nostril.
Not so far from here, you can visit the Borneo Orangutan Survival which becomes the place to breed Orangutans, be wary though that this place is only opens on Sundays and Holidays. If you want to spend the night there you can go to the nearest resorts and hotels which are ready to serve you as you close the curtain of the day.