Tancak Kembar, Waterfall Of Everlasting Youth In Bondowoso

Maybe some of you have heard about the “sacred” waterfall that can make people stay young, if you are around Bondowoso then you are lucky because the so-said waterfall can be found around there, the name of the waterfall is Tancak Kembar Waterfall.
Tancak Kembar waterfall is one of the most famoust tourism object around Bondowoso. Just as the name implies, this waterfall takes form of a two identical waterfall which stands side by side.
This waterfall is considered one of sacred place because local people believe that this waterfall will help people who want to look young, the myth started because it is said that long time ago, Goddess Rengganis often took bath here. 
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This waterfall is 1.100mdpl in height still the water volume that flows stay constant throughout the years.
To get there you should go to Andungsari Village which is approximately 24 km west of Bondowoso, it is fairly easy to get there since the road is in a good condition and already asphalted.
Once you arrive there you have to park your vehicle in the Kakao Research Center owned by PTPN since the road leading to the waterfall can only be taken on foot.
The distance that you have to take is around 2.5km, it is not quite far but you better prepare something in advance; for example water or food because you won’t find one around the waterfall.
Before you arrive at the actual Tancak Kembar waterfall, you will see a small waterfall, around 50m in height which indicates that you are already close to your destination.
Once you arrive there you will be welcomed by beautiful sight of two identical waterfall, surrounded by natural environment which could refresh your mind and relieve yourself from your fatigue.
According to local myth, the man should wash his face in the left waterfall, and women in the right one, that way it will help you to retain your youth.
Since this place is pretty much secluded from the other tourism object, it can be said that this place is somewhat hidden. If you want to go there it is recommended for you to go in the morning because the road leading to the waterfall that you should tread on foot is still rough and it is highly probable that it will make you tired.  
Img source: tabloidwisata