Temajuk, A Beautiful Beach Hidden in Kalimantan

Indonesia consists of more than 10.000 islands, which clearly defines its famous traveling destination.  Without doubt there are a lot of beautiful beaches spread along Indonesia, while some of the most famous beaches are located around java Island, it doesn’t necessarlity means that the beach which lies in the other island lose in appearance.
If you are curious about that maybe this article about Temajuk beach will help to open your eyes. Temajuk beach is a beautiful beach located in the area called as Paloh in west Kalimantan, Indonesia. Paloh area is known by local people for its famous beach, Temajuk beach is one of them. 

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Temajuk beach lies in the border between Indonesia and its neighboring country, Malaysia.  To get here, you are to decide between two choices, first is through sea and second is through the road, if you plan to go there by boat then you have to find someone to take you there with a few sum of money.
If you plan to go there by personal vehicle then  you have to to Desa Temajuk, Kabupaten Sambas, don’t worry because the place is already famous so if you ever find yourself getting lost you can simply ask the locals, but beware of the harsh road though because the place is still mostly uncivilized.
This place is famous for its beautiful scenery and sometimes there is a rare sight of turtle which comes ashore to lay eggs, of course it is done in the middle of the night and if you want to watch it then you better go there around that time, still be careful not to scare the turtle because once it changes its mind, it won’t be coming back there for at least 2 years.
Temajuk beach offers mesmerizing sunset scenery as well, if you plan to spend the night there are some resorts offering a place for you to stay.
Since this place is located in the border between Indonesia and Malaysia, you are allowed to “move” through the border for a period of time, so practically you are able to go to Malaysia for a while. One things though the villa located here is built in a unique design facing the sea you can expect yourself to have a beautiful experience in spending the night here.
Img source: pecidasae.blogspot .com