The Beauty Of Pura Batu In Lombok

Lombok has many kind of natural beauty which can be enjoyed for many tourists. Similar to Bali, Lombok is dominated with many Hindu people and Sasak. Even though Sasak is dominated by Muslim, the culture is very viscous.

Pura Batu Bolong Lombok

Pura Batung Bolong in Lombok has a sacred building design that is relatively the same as the sacred buildings in Bali.
This proves the influence of Hindu in Bali to Western Lombok for in terms of the architecture as well as others.
It is not separated from the history of the Pura Batu Bolong closely associated with Dang Hyang Dwijendra era.
Pura Batu Lombok Indonesia
For Hindus themselves, to worship at Pura Batu Bolong has its own uniqueness. Why is that? because the Hindus can feel peace of mind to pray as he heard the sound of the waves that come and go hit the reef.
Hindus in Lombok very chastity to Pura Batu Bolong, so for tourists who want to get into the temple area are required to use a cloth on parchment from waist to toe like a skirt.
Kamen is a custom clothing to the temple must be used by every person who entered into the temple area of ​​both men and women.
And specifically for women, it is barred from entering the temple area when having a hitch (coming months) to maintain the sanctity of the temple.
Pura Batu tourism spot in Lombok Indonesia

The beauty of Pura Batu Bolong

The beauty of the stone temple is often equated with the beauty of Pura Tanah Lot in Bali, probably because of the position of the temple together at the seaside and slightly jutting into the sea.
Because the temple has two main buildings that have a very outstanding natural beauty. You can directly witness the beauty of the beach sengigi accompanied by the sound of the waves.
Pura Batu in Lombok Indonesia
Besides of the beauty around the temple, you can also enjoy the beauty of Mount Agung in Bali from here. In addition, you can enjoy the sun set from this temple.
One that should not be at all you miss here is the atmosphere of the sunset you can see directly from here.
Right in the afternoon, before the sun began to drown himself, the color of the sky will begin to change into a reddish orange.
Many photographers both pro and amateurs come to this temple and capture this wonderful moment.
Stone Temple Lombok Indonesia
To go to Pura Batu Bolong, you just have to ride motorcycles from mataram with only around 12 Kilometers. You will pass the highway sengigi whose path close to the beach.