10 Interesting Things To Do In Bali, Indonesia

Bali is a popular travel destination worldwide. Bali is a favored tourist destination because of its natural beauty. In Bali there are many places that you must visit including beaches spread across Bali, rafting tours, Balinese culinary delights, surfing, zoos and many more. Additionally, tourists can enjoy Bali’s culture and arts, which are always enlivening in all areas.


Bali’s world famous nightlife there’s nothing new to tourists who travel there more often. It has adapted from bars, cafes, and clubs to become similar to Bali at night. It seems that Bali is indeed always gorgeous and beautiful, beginning from the sunset that you can enjoy, and no less beautiful than at night. Therefore, we will provide recommendations for things to do in Bali with your family or friends. 


Nusa Penida


Nusa Penida is one of Bali’s mostly well islands. In Nusa Penida, there are lots of interesting things to do. Southeast of Bali Island, which is separated from it by the Badung Strait, is where Nusa Penida Island is located. Since 2014, Bali tourism has sought to develop Nusa Penida Island in order to capitalize on the island’s potential as a tourist destination. The white sand, the awe inspiring view from the top of the tall cliffs, and the beauty beneath the sea are the main draws of Nusa Penida. In Nusa Penida, snorkeling is possible in a variety of locations, including Malibu Point, Batu Abah, and Batu Lumbung.


Sunrise, Hiking, and The Hot Springs at Mount Batur

If you enjoy traveling, Mount Batur is one of the best things to do in Bali. For those of you who enjoy climbing peaks via trekking trails, this is appropriate. One of our favorite spots to watch the sunrise in the morning is on Mount Batur’s summit. Following that, you can enjoy the benefits of hot springs that are equally lovely.


Bali Surfing 

Extremely exercise, surfing is performed by racing a surfboard over the waves. For those of you who surf or want to try learning to surf, Bali has plenty of exercises. Surfing is possible at Uluwatu, Nusa Penida, and Nusa Lembongan beaches.


Photo at Pura Luhur Lempuyang 

If you are very instagramable, the thing to do in Bali is to take pictures at Lempuyang Luhur Temple in Karangasem. Posing in the middle of a gate that is 4 m high with a “reflection” that looks like it came from a lake is the main draw.


Gianyar Bali Zoo Park

The most heavily hyped moment is a family vacation. Visit Bali Zoo Park Gianyar if you’re on vacation in Bali with children. Children will enjoy it because it has zoo facilities with water rides called Jungle Splash Waterplay. Feed animals like deer and elephants and visit attractions for birds. Entry into Bali Zoo Park pays Rp. 140,000 for adults and Rp. 100,000 for children (children aged 2-12 years).


Rafting Tour 

The next thing to do in Bali is to try rafting. Since there are so many people interested in rafting tours, they set up all the facilities and services, safety measures, and river aspects that are appropriate for first-time participants. The Telaga Waja Karangasem River, the Ayung River in Ubud, and the Melangit Former Klungkung River are the three rivers in Bali that are used for rafting activities.


Kecak Dance and Sunset in Uluwatu

If you don’t take in the Bali sunset, it will not be complete. One of the places in Uluwatu where you can watch the sunset. Additionally, Uluwatu offers the chance to witness the Kecak dance against the backdrop of a stunning sunset. Come to the venue before 4 pm if you want to see the Kecak dance performance; after that time, tickets tend to sell out quickly.


Sekumpul Waterfall

The next thing you should do is go to Sekumpul Waterfall, where the scenery is stunning and there are frequently rainbow colors visible near the waterfall. Get in the mindset of scaling the cliff’s peak and get ready to take in the breathtaking scenery.


Bali’s Bars and Beach Clubs

Be prepared for Bali to have so many bars and clubs scattered throughout the island. Usually spends his free time hanging out in fun and instagrammable places. Popular bars and beach clubs include Mrs. Sippy Beach Club, Finns Beach Club, Vue Beach Club, La Brisa, Single Fin, and so many others.\


Balinese Culinary

The most crucial thing to do in Bali is to taste some of the local cuisine. Balinese cuisine is a must-try because it appeals to tourists in its own unique way. You should try dishes like betutu chicken, sate lilit, jingo rice, mixed rice, lawar rice, and many more.