Toba Lake, World-Class Tourist Destination in North Sumatera

Indonesia is known for its natural tourism objects such as beach, cave or mountain. The abundance of those traveling destination makes a lot of people from foreign country come to Indonesia every years, despite most of them will likely only visit Bali because of obvious reason, most of them also come into Toba Lake, the world-renowned lake located in North Sumatera. Just like Borobudur Temple  and Kuta Beach.
Toba Lake’s name also already known by people from all over the world since it is the largest lake in South East Asia and of course because of its sheer beauty.
To be precise, Toba Lake is a tecto-volcanic lake with approximately 30km in width and 100km in length, it has more than 450m depth, hence it is the largest and deepest lake in Indonesia as well as South East Asia. In the middle of the lake lies Samosir island which also become part of tourist destination, most of the attraction are done in the island. If you are interested in  knowing more about Toba Lake, here we provide some information for you to read. 
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This lake is located in Parapat, Simalungun. To get there you can either use personal vehicle or public transportation, it takes around 6 hours trip south of Medan, the lake is extremely big so once you manage to arrive in parapet you can enjoy the scenery of the lake.
Parapat is also the choice of every tourist to book a hotel or buy souvenirs since most of the resort here offers direct lake scenery by simply opening the window in each rooms.
If you want to fully enjoy the lake then you have to rent a ferry and head to Samosir Island, there are two village in Samosir island namely Tuktuk and Tomok, since both of them provide different attraction it is a good idea for you to decide the one which you plan to visit and ask the locals which ferry can take you there.
Most of the time you will be led by tour guide which can take you to the destinated tourism area as well as giving you explanation regarding history, local cultures, and many more related with Toba Lake.
If you plan to visit Toba Lake it is better for you to decide the date beforehand because on festival days it is highly possible that most of the hotels are fully booked, that’s just how famous this lake is. There are a lot of things you can do here but it is better for you to go there and enjoy it yourself, Viva Indonesia!
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