Tomini Bay, A Heavenly Place in Gorontalo

The beauty of nature and friendly local, will never be forgotten if you once arrive at this bay. Yes, Tomini bay, many attraction you can choose in here. This place have many different, from preservation, and also an attraction of dolphin. 

Tomini bay is palced in Gorontalo. Tomini bay have a very beautiful underwater organism, that nothing can challenge its beauty. There are so many reason that makes you want to come to this place. In Indonesia, Tomini bay, is the largest bay.It is estimated about 6.000.000 hectare and have 90 island in it. Tomini bay also have a nickname by it local which is a heaven on earth.
In Tomini bay, there are several thing you should do, and those things are the reason that makes you never forget about this place. First is, Tomini bay is a place for many coral reef. The underwater organism is preserved as a national treasure. Second is, Tomini bay is also a place for many different aquatic biota, such as, coral reefs, fish, squid and any other. You can enjoy the view by diving in it. You will see a spectacular scenes underwater.
The third is, a lot of diving spot. It is estimated that diving spot in Tomini bay is almost 200 spots. For you who love diving, this is the right place to do it. The water is crystal clear and the aquatic organism is still natural. And the last is, watching dolphin. There are a lot of dolphin that you can see at this bay. They like to meet the local or interlocal tourist who come to this place. Dolphin can be seen around February until April, where you can see dolphin is actively swimming around the bay.