Top Places to Stay in Bali: The Best Area for Holidays

Top Places to Stay in Bali – Bali is an island in Indonesia. Since ancient times until now, Bali has been a very popular tourist spot for locals and tourists. Among tourists, the island of Bali is famous for surfers.

Bali has many beautiful beaches. If you come to this island, you can enjoy various types of fun activities such as enjoying fresh seafood, yoga, shopping, and many others.

When you go to Indonesia, don’t forget to bring money in rupiah, which is the local currency.The official language spoken in Bali is Indonesian.

But when you visit rural areas, you can hear people speaking Balinese. Even so, don’t worry too much because many people who live in Bali are also good at speaking English.

Bali is indeed a small island in Indonesia, but this place holds a lot of beauty. If you come to Bali, don’t be surprised if you see that the traffic here is quite heavy.

Top Places to Stay in Bali for Holiday

For those of you who are coming to Bali for the first time or for those of you who want to find a new place in Bali, you are already in the right article. In this article, let’s discuss the top places to stay in Bali.

1. Kuta

When people visit Bali, the Kuta areas are frequently the first places they visit. This area is very crowded, and you can see many motorbikes parked on the side of the road.

But in this place there are lots of lodging places, and there are also several shopping centers, such as Discovery Mall Bal and Beachwalk Shopping Center.

2. Legian

It is also a commercial area, where you can see many hotels located near the beach. The accommodation here is very family-friendly. In Legian, you can find various types of accommodation, from hotels to villas.

The price options are also varied, depending on what kind of accommodation you choose. But when compared to Kuta, places to stay in Legian are more expensive.

3. Top Places to Stay in Bali – Seminyak

This one place is perfect if you want to experience luxury and high-end nightlife. In Bali, this place is also quite popular, especially among tourists.

This area has many beaches with beautiful views and is not too crowded. It is perfect for those of you who want to see a beautiful sunset view.

Seminyak has many private villas, luxury resorts, and five-star beach clubs. Some of the best beach clubs in Seminyak are Potato Head Beach Club, Ku De Ta, Tropicola, CoCoon, La Plancha, Mano Beach House, Oo Beach Club, and SugarSand.

This place is also perfect for those of you who like to shop; there are several branded stores, designer boutiques, and other shopping places. The activity in this area is also exceptional.

4. Canggu

The area is already a favorite for locals, expats, and surfers. Recently, the Canggu area has become increasingly popular. Here, you can find a variety of cool places.

Compared to Kuta and Seminyak, it’s more relaxed, with rice fields and beaches. Unfortunately, the transportation options are quite limited.

The best places to stay here are near Batu Bolong Beach Road, Berawa Beach Road, and Pererenan Beach Road. Accommodation options are both luxurious and simple.

For those of you who want to stay in a luxurious but cheap hotel, try Citadines Berawa Beach Bali and Eastin Ashta Resort Canggu.

5. Jimbaran

The last and best place to stay in Bali is Jimbaran. This one is perfect if you want to spend your vacation time on a quiet beach and try a variety of fresh seafood.

This area has an excellent mix of hotels and resorts. For those of you who want to eat the famous seafood in Jimbaran, you can come to the Muaya Beach area because the northern part is a fishing village.

In this area, there are a series of five-star resorts, one of which is the InterContinental Bali Resort. In addition, there is also the Four Seasons Resort Bali at Jimbaran Bay, which is a very classy place to stay.