Running A Travel Agency? Read These Tips to Gain New Leads

As a hard-working entrepreneur, you are always looking for ways to increase leads for your travel agency. The more leads you get, the more trips you book, the more commission you earn. With today’s online booking websites that make travelers easy to put together on their own adventures, increasing leads from travel agents is a difficult task, especially if you’re an independent travel agent.


It is important to attract new customers by promoting the value of the services you offer, by focusing on showing them how.


Here are seven great travel agency tips to attract potential customers, increase your travel agency leads, and expand your customer base.


  1. Positioning yourself as a specialized travel agency

A search of the internet for travel agencies will reveal hundreds of company names and websites, so you need to position yourself as a company offering a differentiated service to stand out from the crowd. Decide on a target niche market and market yourself as a specialist in that field. That way, potential clients will rather seek you out.


  1. Seek out and reward referrals

A tried and tested method of generating travel agency leads is through word-of-mouth referrals. People often trust what their friends and family say about a company or service, so rewarding these referrals is an excellent way to drum up new travel agency leads.


Besides a referral, there’s another travel agency tips that are worth trying. Sometimes the best way to get repeat business is simply to ask for it. Follow up with personal recommendations and contacts after finishing a trip.


  1. Don’t be afraid of complicated trips

The simpler the trip, the more likely it is that potential clients will book by themselves. Don’t hesitate to curate fantastically-elaborate vacations for your clients to show them how valuable the knowledge and expertise of a travel agency can be, that’s travel agency tips for you.


It should be an opportunity to increase leads from travel agencies, you can always say “yes” to, such as international business travel with large groups, around-the-world trips for retirees, and vacation packages for large families.


  1. Get active on social media

One thing to not forget for travel agency tips. Social media! Social media is a valuable tool that you can use to increase your travel agency leads. The key in social media is to be active. If you don’t post or reply to user comments or inquiries for a while, you will fall off their social media radar and all your previous attempts to attract customers will have been in vain.


You don’t need to spend hours a day maintaining a social media presence; a few minutes a day is enough! Be proactive and stay active to get the greatest social media results possible.


  1. Maintain consistency across all platforms

Think carefully about how you want to define your brand image and make that message clear across all platforms, including social media, email, business cards, websites, even advertising. If you have a niche market to focus on, keep your focus there and attract customers interested in that market. It is also essential to be professional on all platforms and maintain a sense of style in the photos and posts you share.


  1. Continue your travel education and highlight your credentials

Stand out from others by emphasizing your experience as a travel agent and your continuing education. Potential clients will trust your skills as a travel agent more if they see your level of commitment, so don’t be afraid to show it.


Even if you’re new and don’t have a ton of experience, you should follow these travel agency tips. Invest in your business and promote it by attending travel conferences, or go on interesting trips and post tips and tricks that potential clients can use.


  1. Enlist help in lead generation

An amazing way to generate more leads for travel agencies is to join a host travel agency. Becoming a part of a host agency allows you to take advantage of a variety of benefits that can help you convert influential leads into repeat customers.


Host agencies also have connections to preferred suppliers and can provide direction and support that they cannot get on their own. There is no shame in asking for help to get more leads for your travel agency. Thousands of agencies around the world are working with host agencies to increase their sales.


At the end of the day, travel agencies need to rely on repeat business to become a lead and to scale their agency. The more you fine-tune your customer service skills and build personal connections with your clients, the more repeat business you’ll receive. Implementing these 7 travel agency tips is a great start and will put your travel agency on the right path to success.