Ubud Monkey Forest, The Sacred Sanctuary

If one should mention which part of Indonesia is the most famous for tourists, then the Bali island’s name will surely come to the head.
Bali island is known for its beautiful beach and traveling destination, managed by solid local citizen, it is an island filled with rich tradition and culture.
The place is filled with tourists that come from every place in the world, even a lot of International movies were taken there.
One of the most famous tourism object in Bali is Ubud Monkey Forest, or Mandala Suci Wenara Waha in Balinese. As the name suggests, it is a forest which become a conservation area which correlates with Hindu teaching that states the relationship between human, natural environment, and supreme Gods.
The monkey itself is the representation of peace and harmony. This forest also provides as a natural laboratory for education purposes as well as place to conserve rare plants and animals alike. 

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Some of the tourists are having a hard time in getting to Ubud, but actually it is quite easy if you know how.
There are several alternatives in going to Ubud;
first you can go there by personal vehicle which is by far the simplest and easiest one,
if you don’t have personal vehicle then you have to rent it through the rentals that is seen almost everywhere,
it does costs money but it cannot be helped since there is no public transportation that can actually lead you there. Second is if you booked a hotel around Ubud,
they will provide a pickoff service so you just have to wait for them to arrive.
Once you arrive in ubud then you have heaps of things to do. First you can stroll around the forest, of course with monkeys on your side. Second you can visit the temple around this place, the temple is sacred so you better not do anything funny. Finally you can see the public gallery, or just eat in the canteen.
If you do plan to go there, it is recommended for you to not bring anything flashy or food, because there are some cases of monkey swarming around tourists and taking their things. The monkeys here are pretty capable of doing that since they have been familiar with human environment since long ago, on extreme cases there were some reports on monkey bite, so be really careful when going there.
Img source : elizabethandchris.com, putubalitourguide