Unraveling The Beauty of Sendiki Beach

Malang is largery known as a city surrounded by abundant amount of traveling destination. The most profound one is the beaches; there is Balekambang, Tricolor Beach (Pantai Tiga Warna), Sendang Biru, and a lot more.

For some people the name Sendiki Beach may sound peculiar, it happens because this beautiful beach is located a little bit secluded from most of the beaches.
Despite that, this beach is starting to get popular among local tourist so here we provide some information regarding Sendiki Beach for you to read.

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This beach is located in Desa Tambakrejo, Sumbermanjing Wetan,  Malang. Because the beach itself is still unknown for most of the tourist, the road leading to the place is somewhat rough.

You have to pass through road surrounded by rice fields.
The road itself is quite small but it can still fit for a car to pass by. Because the road is not paved yet, it is not recommended to go there on rainy season because the road will mostly covered in dirt and mud that will make it harder to drive.
It takes around 20 or 30 minutes to pass the road depending on the situation. After that you have to walk a little bit and this beautiful beach will welcome you with open arms.

Sendiki Beach will surely amaze you with its scenery; it is a beautiful mixture of pure white- colored beach sand with small forests on the hills.

Compared with the famous beach such as Balekambang or Gua Cina beach which located not so far away, this beach is still in its prime condition   because it is still mostly untouched by tourist  so you will not find food stall or trash around the beach,  the mesmerizing beach at its natural state is for you to savor.
So are you ready to pack your bag and travel to Sendiki Beach?