Watu Dodol Beach, Bali Beach Van Java Island

When stopped at the town of Banyuwangi, the easternmost town in East Java, Your journey is not complete nice if You don’t traveled to the shores.
Banyuwangi tourist destination famous for its beaches are abundant. City of Java and Bali penguhubung this is a city that presents a lot of beautiful locations that are worth a visit when on vacation.

Speaking of the beach, Banyuwangi has several beaches from which the target of a family vacation, among other Ireng Wedi Beach, Coastal Plengkung, Rajegwesi Beach and Watu Dodo, a review this time.

Watu Dodol Beach Banyuwangi Indonesia Beautiful
Watu Dodo is situated in the main axis of the northern coast, so the beach is visited by domestic and international tourists.
The entrance of this beach is considered in the presence of large stones with a diameter of 15m to 10m high right in the middle of the road.
This giant rock become an icon behind the name of the beach below. In the Java language, Watu meaning stone and Dodo means sweet snacks typical rectangular shaped rectangle made of glutinous rice.

Watu Dodol Beach Banyuwangi Indonesia
This stone is unique because of the history and stories of mystical fond memories of past events. Japanese soldiers ever decide to make a bunker defenses around the coast to move large rocks on this beach because they interfere.
About ten adults tried to move the rock, but still did not budge. Ever resourceful, the Japanese army tried to deploy ships to pull this stone. Instead of shifting, moving little else does. In fact, reportedly, the deployed ships that sank.

The beach location Watu Dodo is in the administrative area of the District Kalipuro Banyuwangi, as far as 15 km from the city center and 2 km from the port of Ketapang. This location is easily accessible to tourists because it is located on the road connecting shaft protocol Situbondo and Banyuwangi.

Watu Dodo presents many beautiful places along the beach promenade to relax. Visitors can enjoy the coast of Bali’s background with ease. Visitors can also meet with great gandrung statue near the beach, the iconic statue of Banyuwangi.

Watu dodol Indonesia Beach
The uniqueness of this beach Watu Dodo is the presence of freshwater springs adjacent to the shoreline. The magic that can only be found in Banyuwangi makes the added value for visitors.
When the tide, sea water entered into fresh water sources, miraculously accumulated water does not taste salty at all. Rumors of fresh water out of this rock, by the local people believed to be a cure various diseases. Water can be taken using a bucket that has been provided there.

Across the street, from the top of the hill if there are two historic relics bunker during the Japanese occupation in World War 2 era (1942-1945).


Fishermen boats are also ready to take you out to sea if you want a fishing or enjoy the underwater beauty, enough to rent a fishing boat you can travel.

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