12 Special Bali’s Souvenirs Recommendations

Special Bali's Souvenirs Recommendations

 Special Bali’s Souvenirs – Bali is indeed a favorite tourist destination for millions of people. The natural charm is beautiful, the culture is unique, and the friendly locals are the main attractions. 

This Island of the Gods also offers various kinds of souvenirs, ranging from food, drinks, handicrafts to batik cloth. For those of you who are still confused when you want to buy Balinese souvenirs, here are some recommendations for souvenirs to buy before going home.

Special Bali’s Souvenir

Here are various kinds of Balinese souvenirs that you can choose from. Starting from food gifts to unique souvenirs.

1. Lapis Legit Harum Bali

Harum Cake and Cookies is one of the favorite destinations for tourists to hunt for Balinese souvenirs. The prima donna here is the typical Balinese lapis legit which tastes really good with a soft texture. Moreover, the lapis legit in Harum Cake and Cookies has a variety of flavors, ranging from original, pandan, chocolate, green tea, and many more. Prices start from IDR 130,000 for lapis legit with a diameter of 20 cm.

If you want souvenirs other than lapis legit, I recommend the roll cake and pastries which taste just as good. Everything can be directly selected at the Harum Cake and Cookies shop located on Jalan Raya Tuba which leads to the airport. This cake shop is open from 08:00 – 18:00 local time.

2. Pie Susu

Next, the best souvenir you can get is Milk Pie, or Pie Susu in Indonesian Bahasa. This flat round snack is one of the typical Balinese souvenirs that many tourists hunt. The combination of the legit milky vla in the middle with the crispy periphery is really addicting. If you go to Bali, there are many brands of pie milk in Bali. But I recommend three of the most well-known brands, namely:

• Pie Susu Enak

As the name implies, Enaaak milk pie is really delicious. It’s just that, to get this milk pie, you have to make a little sacrifice. It is highly recommended to come early so as not to run out of stock. In addition, Enaaak milk pie is only sold at its central store located at Jalan Nangka Selatan 163, Denpasar.

• Pie Susu Dhian

Not far from the Pie Susu Enaaak shop, there is another choice of milk pie that is equally delicious, namely Pie Susu Dhian which is located at Jalan Nangka Selatan 103, Denpasar. The difference is, Dhian’s milk pie has a smaller size so it fits into the mouth. The taste choices are also many with the unit price of Rp. 1,500.

• Pie Susu Krisna

Although it is known by most people who come to Bali, the taste of Pie Susu Krisna still deserves to be included in this list. The pie crust is crunchy and savory, while the vla is not too sweet. Perfect for drinking tea or coffee in the afternoon. In addition, how to get it is also easy because it already has four outlets in Bali. The first outlet is on Jalan Nusa Indah Denpasar, the second outlet on Jalan Nusa Kambangan Denpasar, the third outlet is in the Boulevard Sunset Road area of ​​Kuta, Bali, and the fourth outlet is on Jalan Raya Tuban, near Ngurah Rai International Airport.

3. Kacang Disko (Disco Peanuts)

If you want Balinese souvenirs that are easy to find, most souvenir centers in Bali sell disco beans. This popular Balinese souvenir does have a crunchy and savory taste, so everyone likes it and is suitable as a snack when relaxing.

For those who don’t know, disco beans are made from peanuts that are fried in flour and mixed with spices. Currently, there are many brands of disco beans on the market, but Mami’s Disco Beans are the most famous brand in Bali. Comes with various flavors, ranging from extra spicy, sweet, shrimp, and barbeque, Disco Mami Nuts are guaranteed to make you addicted.

4. Kacang Asin (Salty Peanuts)

Kacang Asin Rahayu is a specialist in salted peanuts in Bali. This Balinese souvenir product has been famous for a long time with a savory and crunchy taste. In addition, these nuts are packaged nicely to maintain the quality of taste and crunch. The available packages also vary so you can adjust the number of people to be given.

Currently, Peanut Asin Rahayu has been marketed in various places, even in grocery stores. However, so as not to be fooled by counterfeit products, make sure you buy Rahayu Asin Peanuts at the official kiosk on Jalan Gatot Soebroto.

5. Pia

Pia Legong is also one of the Balinese souvenirs that tourists are looking for. However, to be able to enjoy the three flavors of Pia Legong, namely green beans, cheese, and chocolate, you have to be willing to stand in long lines accompanied by the smell of pia being burned. Please be advised, Pia Legong is only sold at the official outlet, namely Jalan Bypass Ngurah Rai, Bali, and you will not find it anywhere else.

Each pia here is traditionally made using a ladder and the quantity produced is limited. In my opinion, Pia Legong with cheese flavor is the winner. The mixture of cheese and milk tasted just right as soon as I took a bite. No wonder Pia Legong is always crowded, it actually tastes really good.

6. Bali Home Spa (Beauty Products)

On vacation, u must often make the skin dry, scaly, even scorched. Now, it’s time to beautify yourself with natural ingredients from Bali Home Spa. Bali Home Spa products are widely known to the public as natural treatments at affordable prices.

As you know, Bali is famous for beauty care products. Therefore, Bali Home Spa must be purchased for personal use at home or given to friends as souvenirs. This Balinese souvenir has many variants of body care products consisting of body butter, body scrub, body mist, to shampoo. You just have to choose a variety of scents according to your taste, such as strawberry, raspberry, jasmine, green tea, coffee to chocolate.

7. Batik Bali

Batik is indeed the identity of the Indonesian nation. Some areas on the island of Java, such as Pekalongan, Jogjakarta, and Solo have been known as batik centers. However, batik does not only belong to the Javanese. Bali apparently also has batik with a distinctive style called Batik Galuh Batubulan.

If you visit Bali, take the time to stop at Banjar Tegehe, Batubulan Village, Sukawati District, Gianyar Regency, Bali. Batik Galuh Batubulan has an attractive appeal, such as the beauty of a distinctive pattern, attractive color choices and good quality materials. Moreover, this product has been varied in the form of fabrics and ready-to-wear clothes, such as shirts, dresses and skirts, various bags, to various handicrafts. That’s why Batik Galuh Batubulan can be an alternative for unique souvenirs.

8. Kerajinan Perak Celuk (Ceruk’s Silver Craftings)

If you want to buy Balinese souvenirs that are different from the others, please come to Celuk Village, Gianyar, Bali. Celuk Village is known as a center for high value silver handicrafts. You can find various souvenirs from silver crafts, ranging from jewelry such as necklaces, bracelets, brooches, earrings, and rings, as well as various miniatures such as motorbikes, carts, cars, to decorations such as kris. The price is quite affordable.

In addition to selling finished silver crafts, visitors can order jewelry or accessories according to the design of their choice. However, if you don’t buy silver in the end, you can see firsthand the process of making silver crafts in Celuk Village. Exciting!

9. Kintamani Coffee

For those of you who like coffee, don’t miss the opportunity to taste a cup of Kintamani coffee. This Balinese coffee plant is grown in the Kintamani Mountains at an altitude above 900 meters above sea level, then processed traditionally. So, do not be surprised if Kintamani coffee has a distinctive taste and aroma when brewed. This uniqueness has brought Kintamani coffee worldwide and has become one of the most popular Balinese souvenirs

10. Arak Bali

Traditional liquor products are indeed prohibited in Indonesia, but Balinese arak is an authentic Indonesian liquor that is favored by tourists. Arak Bali is a traditional liquor made from fermented glutinous rice. This drink contains up to 50% alcohol. For Balinese people, arak is often used in traditional ceremonies.

So, if you visit Bali, you can taste Balinese wine, as well as wrap it up to be used as souvenirs. In Bali, there are many Balinese wine producers who market their products, such as Dewi Sri’s Balinese Arak, Legong, and Kelapa Soka.

11. Salak Bali

If you’re in Bali, be sure to taste the freshness of Balinese salak. I personally prefer the salak sugar, which tastes sweeter with a thinner flesh texture. In addition, there is also the usual Balinese salak which has a slightly sour taste with a thicker meat texture. You can choose everything according to your taste.

12. Balinese Handicrafts

In addition to silver, there is one more craft that hits in Bali, namely handicrafts. Balinese people are indeed famous for their creativity, so it’s a real loss if you don’t buy Balinese handicrafts as souvenirs. If you want to find various Balinese handicrafts easily, try going to Sukawati Art Market or Ubud Art Market in Gianyar.

You can find various handicrafts such as bags, wall hangings, statues, beads, sandals, and so on there. The quality is unquestionable. If you want to get a cheaper price, you can try to bargain the price. However, there’s nothing wrong with appreciating the creativity of these handicraft makers by paying the set price.

With various and interesting Balinese souvenirs, be sure to bring a slightly large suitcase so that it can accommodate all the souvenirs that will be brought home. Now it’s your job to just enjoy your vacation with peace of mind knowing that your loved ones at home will be smiling happily.