10 Unique Things That Only In Bali You Must Know Before Your Vacation

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10 Unique Things in Bali

 Unique Things in Bali – Bali as a popular tourist destination in Indonesia has many attractions that make tourists always want to vacation in Bali. Both the beauty of the natural scenery of mountains, lakes and white sand beaches. In addition to the beauty of the natural scenery, you can also find many exciting holiday activities in Bali such as Bali rafting tours, bicycle tours and watersports in Tanjung Benoa.

Unique Things in Bali Did you know, the thing that makes the island of Bali famous as a tourist spot is not because of its natural beauty or the availability of many holiday activities. But because of the uniqueness of art and culture in Bali.

On this page, we will summarize 10 unique things that only exist in Bali that you won’t find anywhere else. In addition, if you are planning a vacation to Bali, knowing the list of 10 unique things that only exist in Bali will help you in planning your vacation. Because unique events in Bali don’t happen every day.

Bali is a relatively small island but when you are on vacation in Bali, you will never feel that you have enough time to explore all the tourist attractions in Bali and exciting holiday activities in Bali. In the early 70s until now, tourists continue to come for holidays to Bali.

When you arrive in Bali, the first impression you will see is something you don’t usually find anywhere else. You will see many unique things in the form of Balinese art or culture. You will see many Balinese people performing religious rituals by arranging Canang (offerings in the form of chicken Janur and Flowers), which takes place every day. In addition, there are many small temples in each house.

10 Unique Things Only In Bali

The uniqueness of the island of Bali you will get used to seeing if you often vacation in Bali. However, no matter how often you vacation in Bali, there are some unique things about Bali that you won’t find every day. The following is a list of 10 unique things that only exist in Bali that you must know.

1. Omed-Omedan – Mass Kiss In Sesatan

There is a unique ceremonial tradition that is believed by residents of Banjar Kaja Sesetan, Denpasar, Bali to get good luck. The name of the annual tradition is called Omed-omedan, which is also known as the kissing ritual. So you want to join, but you can’t because it’s only for those who are not married.

Omed-omedan is a Balinese language, if it is interpreted it means tug of war. The Omed-omedan tradition is held every year, which is 1 day after Nyepi. Because the Omed-omedan tradition can only be found in Bali, so I put it at number 1 in my list of 10 unique things that only exist in Bali.

All participants in the Omed-omedan ritual are young members of the Kaja Sesetan banjar, Denpasar. Omed-omedan participants were from 17-30 years old and unmarried.

Before the implementation of the Omed-omedan tradition, young people from the Banjar Kaja Sesetan will pray at the local temple in order to get safety. After finishing praying, young men and women are separated. Between groups of men and women face each other on Jalan Raya Sesetan Denpasar.

Between the two groups of men and women, one person will be chosen, then the selected participants will face on both sides and be brought together. The two participants will lock their lips and then kiss while in the water.

2. Mekepung (Buffalo Race)

Number two on the list of 10 unique things that only exist in Bali is the Mekepung tradition. Mekepung is a tradition of buffalo racing in Jembrana district, West Bali. Hundreds of pairs of buffalo will compete to reach the fastest finish line controlled by a jockey.

Each pair of buffalo will be associated with a wooden plow. The buffalo racing competition was held around the Melaya sub-district, Jembrana district.

Mekepung starts in the morning around 07.30 and the race event lasts about five hours. Mekepung buffalo racing events are usually held in July, August, September, October and November, and twice a month. To see the Mekepung schedule, please click the link!

3. Pandan War in Tenganan Village

The pandanus war tradition in Tenganan Pegringsingan Village, Karangasem Regency, Bali, is very well known to foreign countries. Pandan War in Tenganan Village, for the Balinese people known as geret pandan. However, the indigenous people of Tenganan village call the pandan geret tradition as Mekare-Kare.

The pandanus war tradition in Tenganan Pegringsingan village is not just a traditional performance, but part of the original Balinese culture and rituals of the Tenganan village community. By holding a pandanus war ritual, the villagers of Tenganan believe they will avoid bad things.

During the Pandan War ritual in Tenganan Pegringsingan village, two village youths will fight in an arena. Each youth will carry a bunch of pandan leaves with a length of approximately 30 cm which is used as a weapon. Participants also carry a shield.

When the fight begins, the two youths will attack each other by rubbing thorny pandan leaves on their opponent’s back. Of course, it will cause scratches on the back of the participant. Anyone dare to try? If I don’t dare!

If you want to witness the Pandan War ritual, come to Tenganan Karangasem village in mid-June. The pandanus war ritual in Tenganan Pegringsingan village is usually held for two consecutive days. Everyone who visits is allowed to watch the Pandan War ritual. In addition, there is no ticket fee or free.

• Clothing Visitors Wear

Because the Pandan War ritual is a religious event and for local people it is considered sacred, it’s best when you come to Tenganan village to watch the Pandan war wearing traditional Balinese clothes. Like wearing a sarong and scarf tied at the waist, although it is not mandatory.

Due to the enthusiasm of tourists who vacation in Bali to watch the Pandan War tradition, the number of spectators will be very large. Therefore, you should come early to get a comfortable viewing spot and look for a slightly higher place. In addition, there are no chairs to watch, so be prepared to stand for a while.

4. Nyepi Day

Nyepi Day is a celebration of the Saka New Year which is celebrated by Hindus in Indonesia, but it is celebrated unlike the celebration of the New Year with a party, quite the opposite.

Because during Nyepi, all routine activities stop and a quiet atmosphere that you will never find in other countries. Anyone on the island of Bali, Nusa Lembongan island, Nusa Ceningan and Nusa Penida must stay at home or at the hotel for 24 hours.

Shops are closed, highways are deserted, offices are closed including Gusti Ngurah Rai International Airport closed for all flights for 24 hours. It was quiet from 6 am to 6 am the next day. However, there are exceptions that may only go out for security personnel and ambulances.

5. Ogoh-ogoh Parade

One day before Nyepi, there is a procession of Balinese Hindus called Ngerupuk/Pengerupukan. The Pengrupukan ritual is carried out in every village throughout the island of Bali. In the afternoon the local people will parading the Ogoh-Ogoh on the highway.

Then what is Ogoh-ogoh? Ogoh-ogoh is a kind of giant statue but made of light material so that it is easy to carry. For the Ogoh-ogoh frame using wood and for the shape using styrofoam then layered with paper and cloth, making it easy to be wine. Currently there are many forms of Ogoh-ogoh, most of which are giants.

6. Temple in The Middle of The Lake

Bali as a tourist place is identical with the uniqueness of art and culture, one of which is a temple tourist attraction. While on vacation in Bali you will see many temples, from small to large temples. However, there is one temple in Bali whose location is very unique, namely the Ulun Danu temple which is located on Lake Beratan Bedugul.

Not only the unique location of the Ulun Danu temple, the location of the temple which is on a plateau makes the air always cool even during the day. Due to the uniqueness of the location of the Ulun Danu temple on Lake Beratan Bedugul, photos of the Ulun Danu Beratan temple are always visible in Bali tourism promotion media. The tourist attraction of Ulun Danu Beratan Temple, for tourists who vacation to Bali has always been a must-visit Bali tourist destination.

7. Ngaben/Plebon

One of the uniqueness of Bali in the eyes of the world is the Ngaben ceremony. Ngaben or Pelebon (for those of caste) is a cremation ceremony on the island of Bali and is one of the important ceremonies in Balinese Hindu cultural traditions. What makes the Ngaben ceremony unique in Bali is that for the means of transporting corpses from the house to the cremation site, it uses “Wadah” in Balinese which means place.

In general, there are two forms of containers, one is shaped like a small temple with carvings and decorations that look very beautiful. The other one is shaped like an animal, usually in the form of an ox.

For the container in the form of a temple, it will be used to lift the corpse from the house to the cremation site. After arriving at the cremation site, the corpse will be lowered and then transferred to a container shaped like an ox. The container has a very large size, and to lift it will require a lot of manpower.

• Cremation Ceremony In Bali

After the ritual procession of the ceremony was completed, a large fire began to burn. For Balinese people who are Hindus, the cremation process is very important and is believed to make it easier for the spirits of the dead to reach the location according to the results of their actions while alive.

8. Penjor

If you vacation in Bali during Galungan, you will see a unique decoration in the form of bamboo poles along the highway, the name is Penjor. In the eyes of tourists, Penjor is a unique cultural tradition in Bali. The decorations are made of whole bamboo and the bamboo is decorated with leaves and other decorations.

At the end of the Penjor, there is a flower decoration called Sampian. Flower decorations are hung using leaves that are tied to make long strands. After the Penjor decoration is finished, the Balinese will install bamboo poles in front of their respective houses.

9. Kite Festival of Giant Size

The Kite Festival in Bali is an annual festival held in July and August. The months of July and August were chosen because in those months the wind gusts began to be strong. Besides the wind factor, July and August are the peak season for tourist visits to Bali, so the kite festival in Bali attracts thousands of visitors, especially foreign tourists.

The uniqueness of the kite festival in Bali is the very large size of the kites. When flying, the kite will be accompanied by blaring music from the Balinese gamelan, the name is Baleganjur. The location of the kite festival is usually on the Padang Galak beach and Sanur Beach.

10. Same First Name

The last in the list of 10 unique things that only exist in Bali, is the same Balinese first name. For the first time on vacation to Bali, you will meet many local residents. But there will be one thing that will make you ask, why many Balinese people have the same first name.

Balinese first names place the order of birth position in one family. Wayan/Putu means the first child. Made, Kadek or Nengah means Second child. For the third child, his first name is Komang or Nyoman, and the fourth child’s name is Ketut. After the new first name there is a last name which there are many kinds.

So first about the article 10 unique things that only exist in Bali. If you have questions about 10 unique things that only exist in Bali on this page, please write them in the comments column below.