13 Cheap and Delicious food in Bali You Must Try

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 BaliHow.com – Bali Island is one of the attractions of Indonesia for international and domestic tourist. It is undeniable, the province with the capital city of Denpasar does offer the beauty of this archipelagic country. You must also be familiar with the tourist locations there.

Cheap Food in Bali

Cheap Food in Bali

However, what about the culinary tourism offered by the Island of the Gods? The Edge of Sawah Duck, Nuri’s Iga, Bu Oke’s Babi Guling or Bengil Duck seem familiar to your ears. Now! This time, IDNtimes has 13 places to eat that not many people know about, but make your stomach full with delicious flavors, without draining your wallet!

1. Warung Mami

Located on Jalan Uwuta II No, 30X, Jimbaran, Kuta, this culinary delight offers delicious grilled clams. In addition to shellfish, other seafood such as shrimp is also a recommended menu for you. Just looking at the photo of the grilled clams makes you drool! Those of you who come here with family or friends, only need to spend 150,000 rupiah for four people or 37,500 rupiah per person.

2. Beecup

The name is unique, from the word cup, it seems that most of what is offered. Yes! Cupcakes. The shop is on Jalan By Pass Ngurah Rai no. 968, Sanur. These cute, quirky and cute cupcakes are ready to fill your empty stomach. For this beautiful snack, you only need to pay 15,000 rupiah per cupcake. If you want to buy a dozen it is priced at 155,000 rupiah.

3. Revolver Espresso

The Coffee Shop is indeed an attraction for you young people, cozy places and hits for photos should definitely be on your list.

Offering a western cowboy atmosphere, Revolver Espresso is located at Jalan Kayu Aya No.3, Seminyak. This coffee shop offers a variety of delicious coffees, snacks and good food! The price of espresso is the same as espresso in general, from 25,000-35,000 rupiah, while the food ranges from 45,000-60,000 rupiah.

4. F.R.E.A.K Coffee

Located on Jalan Silang Karang, Singekerta, Tebongkang, Ubud, this coffee shop also offers a comfortable location to relax with relatives and family, even though the interior is not too spacious.

Even though it is small, this location serves coffee and food at affordable prices. You only need to spend from 20,000-35,000 rupiah for coffee and non-coffee.

5. Warung Indonesia

This restaurant is located in an alley called Gang Ronta. Precisely on Poppies Lane II, Kuta. The food offered is also typical Indonesian food. Many types ranging from oxtail soup, soto, to chicken, duck, and fried fish. To eat at this location, the price is 15,000-44,000 rupiah. While the drinks start from 9,000-17,000 rupiah.

6. Warung Subak

This one offers seafood that is not inferior to other places to eat. Warung Subak is located on Jalan Astasura No. 05 Peguyangan, Denpasar. IDNtimes is also speechless when it comes to seafood, it’s all delicious! In the ordering process there are packages that you can choose from, ranging from 35,000-70,000 rupiah per person.

7. Sate Plecing Jalan Arjuna

For this one, to enjoy the satay also requires a struggle. Not foreign to Balinese ears, this place to eat is at the crossroads of Arjuna Street, not far from Warung Wardani. Well, the Sate Babi satay is delicious combined with soup. For those of you who love chili sauce, make sure you combine the satay with the chili sauce made by this restaurant. That’s great! For four people, you only need to collect 125,000 rupiah.

8. Warung Galeri Mbok Limbok

This eatery serves chicken, duck, several types of fish, and creamy tofu and tempeh with delicious sambal ulek! Yes. Yes. Ayam Kremes does exist in other cities, but there’s nothing wrong with enjoying this dish. For the rice can be taken as we like. The Mbok Limbok Gallery Warung is set at a price of 30,000 rupiah.

9. Seniman Coffee

Located on a small street in the middle of Ubud, namely Jalan Sriwedari, this coffee shop not only offers good coffee and snacks, but also uses recycled furniture and cutlery from the owner. Wow! The price is very affordable, because the coffee is priced from 28,000 rupiah. While the food is priced at 35,000 rupiah.

10. Bebek Goreng Laka Leke Hideaway Restaurant

Do you want to try Duck cuisine in Bali? Still in the Ubud area, precisely on Nyuh Kuning street. The location is not far from Monkey Forest Ubud. A quiet and comfortable location is also suitable for you and your family or friends to enjoy days in Bali. Offers fried duck and other duck food. However, don’t miss the delicious coconut cake from Laka Leke for dessert. For desert and duck menu, you only need to pay 100,000 for the combination.

11. Warung Satria

Offers a menu of mixed rice with special chicken. Wow! The location is on Jalan Kedondong, Banjar Dinas Suluban, Uluwatu. Duh, the mixed rice makes you drool too, Wow! If this one you only need to pay 35,000-50,000 rupiah per person, it’s full!

12. Bale Udang Mang Engking

Are you a shrimp lover? Well, this location is perfect for you. Located on Jalan Nakula 88, Sunset Road, Kuta, this location not only serves a variety of shrimp culinary delights but a beautiful and comfortable atmosphere will make this restaurant a perfect place to relax. Well, with a comfortable place and good food, this location costs 25,000-100,000 rupiah for food, while for drinks it ranges from 15,000-35,000 rupiah.

Damn, the prawns are huge!

13. Babi Guling Slingsing Cepaka

Beware, this is not halal! Unlike the other babi guling that you usually hear in Bali, this place is only open from 2am to 9am. Indeed you have to wake up super early to be able to taste the deliciousness of this one food, but it will all pay off in the first bite. The taste of the skin is savory and crispy, the meat is tender, and the unique lawar makes you want to come again and again. Oh yes, this place is located in Cepaka Village No. 33, Tabanan. For the price of the food, you only need to spend 18,000-25,000 rupiah.

So, many new places for you to visit in Bali? Prepare your stomach and funds. Add it to your to-do list too!