5 Reasons Why You Should Visit Bali

 Bali is one of the islands in Indonesia which has become a destination for many foreign tourists. The island does have a special attraction for them, Bali offers a different vacation experience that you can’t get in other places. So, you should try visiting Bali if you are looking for a fun holiday destination. Here are 5 Reason Why You Should Visit Bali.

1. Beautiful Natural Charm and Culture

Bali does have many natural tourist attractions that are beautiful and well maintained, You can find beautiful beaches, mountains, forests, and other natural attractions that are still natural and preserved. Besides from natural tourism, you can also find interesting cultural tourism places from Bali like Temples.

Bali Beaches

Balinese uphold their traditional culture. so in Bali, culture is so felt. Balinese culture is indeed very interesting, You can enjoy the beauty of traditional Balinese dances which are often held regularly in several places in Bali. Balinese people are devout Hindus, on certain days you can watch them perform religious rituals, especially during “Nyepi”, Vesak and other feast days.

Balinese buildings are also very cultural that also become a special attraction for foreign tourists.

2. Serenity and Friendly People

Indonesia is famous for its friendly people, like to greet, and smiling. If you work in a busy city and want to find a vacation to unwind, Bali is the right choice. In Bali you can enjoy a calm and pleasant holiday, with friendly people around you, take off all the busy city that makes you tired.

3. Uniqe Traditional Handicraft

The Balinese people produce a wide variety of handicrafts. So that tourists do not need to have trouble determining souvenirs because the very varied handicrafts are suitable for souvenirs. From paintings of various sizes, Balinese fabrics, sandals with frangipani flower ornaments, to even round rattan bags that are currently being hit in Bali. Tourists will be confused to refrain from buying up everything for souvenirs and for themselves too.

4. Balinese Foods

Tourists will definitely also hunt for culinary while on vacation. Yes, that can also be done in Bali. There is Nasi Campur means Mixed Rice, Sate Lilit, Pie Susu, disco beans, even delicious gelato in Bali. Wow, so you can imagine compiling a culinary tour menu from morning to night.

5. The Cost

Cost may be the first consideration for a vacation. In Bali, you don’t have to worry about spending a lot of money on vacation, for most foreign tourists, the cost in Bali is very cheap. Hotels, food, and travel cost are cheap in Bali. Friendly locals will not trick you with high fees.

Well, are you going to visit Bali? If you need a good recommendation for a good tour in Bali, click Bali. We recommend the places you must visit in Bali.