9 Best Time to Visit Bali, Get Best Vacation on The Right Time

 Hello Friends, meet me again in BaliHow.com. are you planning a vacation to Bali? Before you preparing holiday supplies it’s good to read the article I’m talking about a good month for a vacation to Bali. Maybe this will give you a little idea about best time to vacation in Bali.

Do you know travel buddy, even though the island of Bali is a tourist destination? famous that you can visit anytime, but you need to knowing that there are certain months where you can feel your holiday in Bali more optimally.

Because of the many questions We receive from BaliHow Friends about when is a good month for a vacation to Bali? Based on my experience as a tour guide will explain what month and when it’s vacation time with a partner, family or group to Bali.

Best Time to Visit Bali

When planning a vacation to Bali, on average they will find out the best month of vacation to Bali and tourist attractions in Bali that must be visited.

Those two questions are very important, find out before holiday to Bali. Especially months with rainy seasons and monsoons drought. This season can of course have an influence on experiences you get when you are on vacation.

Best Time to Visit Bali

Why is Bali Island So Famous As a Tourist Destination?

The island of Bali as one of the world’s tourist destinations has some names. Some call it the island of a thousand temple, some call it the island of the gods. As you know, tourism is income major role in the economy of the island of Bali. In addition, Bali tourism has an important role in the Indonesian economy in about foreign exchange.

There are several factors that make the island of Bali so attractive by world tourists. Here are the things that make the island of Bali unique, choose by tourists as their vacation destination.

  • The safety and hospitality of the local Balinese people.
  • The uniqueness and beauty of Balinese art and culture. In the matter art, tourists will find many local Balinese arts which are Hindu temples located in unusual locations.
  • For culture in Bali, tourists will find many interesting tourist attractions with beautiful nature and Hindu temples located in unusual locations.
  • Bali offers many natural attractions, such as lakes, water waterfalls, white sand beaches, panoramic views of Mount Batur, rice fields terraced, and underwater panorama.
  • The island of Bali has complete tourism facilities, from cheap hotels or accommodations to luxury hotels. Then private transportation which is very easy to use find, as well as a large selection of places to eat.
  • For tourists who like crowds, it’s also available in Bali, such as the tourist attractions of Kuta, Seminyak, Legian, and Jimbaran. Meanwhile, tourists who want peace too available in Bali, such as Nusa Penida, Nusa Lembongan, and Nusa Dua.

The Months When Bali Has Good Weather

Now, after knowing a little about the charm of the island of Bali, This is the reason why tourists visit the island of Bali. Following is the best month for a vacation to Bali, here this is the right time to go to bali.

1. Holidays Between May – Low Rainfall

In the month of May, on the island of Bali usually experiences season dry season with the lowest rainfall than other months. For You who want to vacation in Bali, This month is the perfect time to enjoy a wonderful holiday maximum.

Usually every day Bali has sunny weather. Therefore you can freely visit famous tourist attractions in Bali. Such as temples, waterfalls, rural natural scenery, sunrise, and sunset.

2. April to June Great Holidays in Bali with Good Weather

For travel buddies who have plans to try spent holidays in Ubud Bali. Because it’s really it is recommended for you to come to Bali during the stretch of the month April to June.

Why so? Because in the span of these months more many annual agendas are held interesting and alluring, for example: a festival for foodies (Ubud Food Festival), a festival for music lovers (Ubud Village Jazz), and many others.

Visiting those festivals can of course make Your vacation will be more memorable. Because, you will get the opportunity to enjoy the rural situation Ubud and chat with the locals.

3. May to October – Fun take a vacation with Activities Outdoor

If you really want to do outdoor activities in Bali with favorable weather conditions. Because of that, you should choose May to October to come to Bali.

During these months, the temperature in Bali is at range from 23 to 31 degrees Celsius. You can say Bali experiencing a dry season with rainfall that is still low. Some great references for outdoor activities in Bali that are can be done in the range of this month. Among them:

  • Ride ATV in Ubud
  • Rafting activities on the Ayung River and at Telaga Waja
  • Activities to Climb Mount Batur, Brother, and others
  • Surf and Snorkel
  • Elephant Ride in Taro Village
  • Jet Sky at Tanjung Benoa Beach
  • Tour to Nusa Penida and Lembongan

Some of the fun activities above you can add to the list tourist activities that will be carried out during the holidays in Bali. Because there is a lot of fun to be had there.

4. July to October, Seeing the Kite Festival

In the range of July to October, some Balinese people usually hold a kite festival annual. Generally located on Padang Galak Beach and Pantai Mertasari, Sanur.

This kite festival has been running since 1979 and followed by kite lovers from various regions in Indonesia Bali. The kites that are contested are generally traditional kites and creativity kites.

For traditional kites it is usually in the form of a Jangan Kites, Bebean Kites, and Pecuk Kites. Size too no kidding, starting from 4 – 15 meters (some are with very large size). It takes 6 adults for can fly and control this one kite.

5. October Decide Your Holiday in Kuta

Maybe the area you want to visit while on vacation is Kuta. Therefore, it is recommended that you choose October. Why October?

In this month, you can not only enjoy the natural attractions of Kuta Beach, but also see the annual carnival which is held very lively.

Kuta Carnival has been routinely held by the government since 2003 during the Bali bombings, which reduced the number of tourists who came. Various events that also enliven this carnival are Bali Art, food festival, and fashion carnival.

So it’s not surprising, this annual schedule is now a thing most awaited by both local tourists and international tourists.

6. January to February, Visit Indoor Tourist Attractions

In the range of January to February, Bali generally experience quite high rainfall when in compare with other months. Until, not quite to do outdoor activities, because the rain can down anytime.

However, that doesn’t mean January – February isn’t good for vacation. In fact, there are many tours nice indoor that you can go to no need worried about the rain.

Several indoor destinations such as historical museums, art galleries, restaurants and cafes. Therefore, you can enjoy your vacation even when the weather is quite heavy.

7. March, Enjoying the Silence of Nyepi Day and the Ogoh-ogoh Festival

March can be called a special month in Bali. The reason is, this month is the transition of the new year based on the Caka calendar used by the Balinese people.

Unlike other New Years celebrations, the celebration of This Caka New Year is celebrated in silence and calm (Nyepi). Where people don’t turn on lights, fires, and do not leave the house during Nyepi Day.

Vacations during Nyepi Day will of course give you another and memorable experience. Just remember this celebration you can find in Bali.

The day before Nyepi Day as a Cracker, where Balinese people will hold an ogoh-ogoh parade in Bali each of these areas.

These ogoh-ogoh usually have a giant form that scary and made of woven bamboo. Parade This Ogoh-Ogoh was held with the intention of neutralizing negative forces (Bhuta Kala).

8. High Season

Before the Covid-19 outbreak hit Indonesia, especially Bali, in these months the majority of tourists want to take a vacation when dry season in Bali. Therefore the rate of tourist visits to Bali will increase. Whether foreign tourists or tourists domestic. 

Previously, the month in Bali was high in tourist visits occurs in June, July and August. In the middle of the month June and July are Eid holidays and school holidays. Therefore, the visit of domestic tourists to the island of Bali increase.

Besides June, July and August, Bali’s high season occurred in late December, and early January. I tell about the experience before covid-19, my friend. Usually in Chinese New Year, the island of Bali is very crowded, with visits tourists from China. Chinese New Year is generally on Sunday the end of January or the beginning of February.

Due to the high number of tourist visits in June, July, and August. There will be crowds in every tourist attraction in Bali. Usually vacation costs will increase and be more expensive in these months.

9. Low Season, Vacation with a Quiet and Cozy Atmosphere

Low season or it is said to be the month of low season, on the island Bali occurs in March, early April, September, October, November and the first week of December.

There are a number of advantages to having a vacation to Bali during the low season. Like, cheaper hotel room prices, tourist attractions on the island Bali is not so crowded, road congestion is not bad. Therefore That is, if you focus on cheap holidays and don’t like crowds, therefore, a good month for a vacation to Bali is during the low season.

Best Holiday in Bali on The Right Time

So that’s the list of the best months for a vacation to Bali you can choose now. Make your vacation more leverage by choosing the right time for a vacation to Bali. Well for holidays, honeymoons, or office vacation.

You can choose the right vacation time so you can enjoy your vacation optimally. Want a festive holiday? Visit Bali during High Season. Or want a quiet vacation? Low Season is the right time to visit Bali.