9 Restaurants with Field Rice View in Bali

Restaurants with Rice Field View in Bali – Nature and culinary in Bali are the main attraction for tourists. Moreover, if the combination of the two can be obtained, then of course it will invite admiration for those who enjoy it. For those of you who travel to Bali, don’t miss to enjoy the blend of nature and Balinese cuisine.

Don’t worry, Bali serves a variety of restaurants with beautiful views, such as the one with the best rice field view in Bali. Here, visitors can enjoy the green rice fields and also the beautiful sunset to witness the beautiful morning bathed in sunlight in the valley.

Resaurants with Field Rice View Bali

Here are 9 restaurants with the best views that you can enjoy when visiting Bali:

Restaurants with Field Rice View in Bali

1. Sardine

This restaurant is very popular and a favorite of visitors. Its natural atmosphere becomes a strong magnet for visitors. The green color, and also the fresh air is the main attraction for visitors. The location is on Jl. Petitenget, Seminyak Bali, this restaurant is the best place to stop for those who miss the beautiful atmosphere of the amazing rice fields.

Not only that, the buildings and furniture are also designed in such a way with bamboo to provide a comfortable atmosphere for visitors. If you are lucky, then you can see the farmers who are cultivating the fields.

• Location and more details: Restaurants with Rice Field View in Bali, Sardine

2. Nook

This restaurant is recommended to visit, especially during the rainy season, because the atmosphere is very supportive and romantic. The green scenery and also the natural scenery are the main attraction for visitors and tourists.

Here, guests can choose a variety of foods such as burgers, sandwich menus, as well as western, Asian, and local menus. If you want to enjoy a typical Indonesian menu, here also serves a special menu.

• Location and more details: Restaurants with Rice Field View in Bali, Nook

3. Pomegranate Cafe

Traveling by enjoying culinary delights to the natural scenery becomes the most beautiful dish in Bali. The green scenery and fresh air are a bonus that tourists can get in Ubud.

A feeling of calm and comfort will come to every visitor who comes to this restaurant, cafe Pomegranate. this cafe is always crowded with visitors even though the location is not too big.

If the view is already amazing, then don’t miss to enjoy the delicious dishes. With prices per serving between 30 to 60 thousand, visitors can get the best and delicious menu.

If you are here and decide to stay overnight, visitors can stay in Ubud, in hotels that are not too far from this cafe.

• Location and more details: Restaurants with Rice Field View in Bali, Pomegranate Cafe

4. D’Sawah Warung

This restaurant is indeed a famous traditional restaurant in Bali. If you visit Bali, then this restaurant should be included in the must-visit list. With the concept of a Balinese rural atmosphere, the D’sawah stall is a popular place among tourists.

There are also Balinese gamelan strains that welcome visitors. There is also a garden here which is the best choice for enjoying Balinese food. This area can also be used by children to play and enjoy the beautiful village atmosphere with clean air.

The mainstay of this restaurant is the famous fried duck. It’s tasty and soft too. Don’t miss the sambal and fresh vegetables that are friends with the duck.

Another menu is duck betutu. For the price issue, it can be reached by anyone, no need to spend a lot of money to be able to enjoy delicious duck at this restaurant.

• Location and more details: Restaurants with Rice Field View in Bali, D’Sawah Warung

5. Bebek Tepi Sawah

The duck theme is very striking when you walk into this restaurant. There is a tropical garden that will welcome visitors who come at the entrance.

Duck is not only a dish on the plate of visitors, but here you will also find a statue of a duck. Not only that, there are also live ducks that can accompany Susanna to eat at this restaurant.

Right on the edge of the rice fields, this duck Tepi Sawah has become one of the popular restaurants in Bali. There is the sound of the wind and leaves which become a natural symphony that accompany visitors to enjoy the duck on the plate.

There is also the sound of a chatty duck who will be a loyal friend to eat. Nature and the delicacy of ducks can be a magnet for visitors. This duck menu can be served in various cuisines, such as Western, Asian, to international.

• Location and more details: Restaurants with Rice Field View in Bali, Bebek Tepi Sawah

6. Bebek Bengil

Bebek Bengil is located in Ubud Bali. Like namnaya, this restaurant has a special menu in the form of very delicious Bengil duck.

From its name, this Bengil duck is quite unique, namely, if translated into English, it can be interpreted as “dirty duck”. As the name is unique, the taste of this restaurant is also quite unique and according to the visitor’s tongue.

Although there are many restaurants that serve duck menus, in this restaurant you can find different and unique flavors of duck. Not only the taste, but also the atmosphere around the restaurant is very beautiful and also beautiful. There is a rustic feel with a cool and comfortable breeze. This restaurant is very famous, so it is often visited by Indonesian artists while on vacation in Bali.

• Location and more details: Restaurants with Rice Field View in Bali, Bebek Bengil

7. Bale Udang Ubud

This shrimp bale in Ubud serves a special menu, which is in the form of shrimp. The experience presented at this restaurant is the feel of eating on the edge of a fish pond.

Judging from the menu, the food served is typical Indonesian food. The traditional rural atmosphere is very strong here, as if you got a fresh oasis amidst the hot tropical atmosphere of Bali with dishes that are friendly to the tongues of Indonesians and foreign tourists.

For visitors who come to Bali, you must be familiar with the name of this restaurant. In addition to Ubud, this shrimp Bale is also in Kuta. In fact, this restaurant is so famous, it turns out that there are also Bale Prawns that are open in Java and several other cities.

This proves that this prawn Bale is indeed worth visiting and enjoying, especially with your family or with your loved ones.

The seating capacity in this restaurant is no more than 400 people, a special place to spend time with family. Here there is a pool bale area, deck area, garden bale, and meeting room.

There are also many facilities here, such as a gift shop, a prayer room, and a function room. For those who bring children, they can use the kids playground which is quite spacious.

• Location and more details: Restaurants with Rice Field View in Bali, Bale Udang Ubud

8. Warung Bodag Maliah By Sari Organik

Sari organic gardens and rice fields must be included in the list of places to visit for tourists in Bali. What’s special about this restaurant is that they have all-organic kitchen ingredients and also a menu of vegetables grown by themselves.

What’s interesting is, starting from nurseries to processing food, this restaurant is doing it itself so that visitors can get the experience of tasting a special, organic food menu. Visitors can also see farmers growing organic crops in the rice fields around the restaurant.

• Location and more details: Restaurants with Rice Field View in Bali, Warung Bodag Maliah

9. Sawah Indah Ubud

As the name implies, this restaurant is literally in the middle of beautiful rice fields. The atmosphere is very calm and beautiful typical of the countryside coupled with lesehan huts to enjoy the food here. For those who like fishing, there is also a fishing pond where the catch can be directly processed according to customer requests.

The main menu that is the prima donna at Sawah Indah is the Gurami Cook Timbung menu (Rp 55,000). This cooking method that is quite unique indeed presents a distinctive and delicious taste.

The way to cook it is to put the gourami fish into the timbung/bamboo sticks along with the spices that have been mashed, add long bean vegetables and cassava leaves. When eaten, this fish is really tasty because the spices seep well into the fish coupled with a slightly spicy taste.

Other menus that can be tried here are Ikan Bakar Lalah Sweet (Rp 35,000) and Fish Fried Spicy (Rp 35,000). The appearance of this menu is that the fish is fried crispy first, then cooked together with pieces of cayenne pepper and sweet corn.

The taste is really delicious and complete, there is sweet, sour, spicy blended into one. This menu is served with two choices of chili sauce, there is red chili sauce and sambal matah, hmm so yummy!

• Location and more details: Restaurants with Rice Field View in Bali, Sawah Indah Ubud